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“Hyosung aim to create higher values for humankind”


We present the path to fabric industry innovation in a way that maximizes customer value.

Hyosung is a comprehensive fiber manufacturer which produces the majority of leading world-class products such as ‘creora, aerocool and askin’ throughout the fiber industry. We produce and supply nylon, polyester yarn, textiles, and dyed, processed fabric products, including the spandex brand ‘creora’ chosen by globally renowned brands in market segments such as lingerie, swimming suits and stockings. We always aspire to improve customer value by developing products to meet customer needs and differentiated materials with outstanding technology.

We fuel new growth with experienced global marketing services and infrastructure.

In the trading sector, with a global network of approximately 50 nations covering the US, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and South America, we provide the best marketing services thanks to our deep knowledge about the global market. We connect countries around with world with our clients in steel and chemicals at our core via distribution and shipments. In addition, we operate Sebitseom, the famed floating structure, which is built on a buoyant body, developing it as a creative landmark which represents Seoul.

business area

business area

Information & Communication
Industrial Materials
Spandex PU
Nylon Polyester Yarn PU
Fabric / Dyeing PU
Financing & Other Affiljated Companies
Power & Industrial Systems

Brief History

  • Hyosung is leading the world chemical fiber industry by producing and supplying yarns, textiles, and dyed products, based on its 40 years of production expertise.
  • We are working to enrich people’s lifestyles in the future, investing much of our efforts into cutting-edge businesses such as new renewable energy, electronic materials and high-tech materials
2011 ~
2013 Expansion of spandex Vietnam plant
2012 Developing the country’s first Carbon Fiber
Power & Industrial Systems PG delivered the
first product of its solar inverter
2011 Spandex New Plant: Brazil
2000 ~ 2009 Built aramid fiber plant
2008 Spandex new plants : Turkey & Vietnam
2007 Spandex new plant : China
2004 Spandex new plant : China
2001 Launched spandex business in China
1990 ~ 1999 Expanded the Gumi Spandex Plant
1998 Consolidated 4 companies into Hyosung
1994 Established Hyosung Information & communications Co.,Ltd
1992 Started spandex business
1990 $500 million in exports
1970 ~ 1984 Merged Hyosung Construction Co., Ltd
1977 Completed the Changwon Plant
1973 Established Toplon Co., Ltd.
Established Tonyang Polyester Co., Ltd
Established Tongyang Dyeing Co., Ltd
1971 Established Research Institute
1950 ~ 1967 Completed the tire cord plant in Ulsan
1966 Established Tongyang Nylon Co., Ltd