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creroa® highclo™ was designed to overcome spandex’s vulnerability to damage by chlorine. It prevents spandex degradation by the chlorine element used for swimming pool sterilization and the chlorine bleach used for laundry washing and processing. It is applied to swimwear and improves fabric durability.


  • Delivers a higher level of chlorine resistance
  • Longer lasting fit & shape retention.
  • Provides compression and shaping in garments

End Use

  • Competitive swimwear,
    Aqua fitness and fashion
    swimwear, Denim

Superior performance of creora

Affer 280 hrs in Pool : swimwear

Chlorine resistance of creora® highclo™

Test conditions are 3.5 ppm chlorine, 7.6 pH, 25 : graph

Power retention in 200hrs after exposure to chrlorine

Power retention in 200hrs after exposure to chrlorine : graph

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