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Legs are on the look out as shaping becomes an integral part of the body-sculpting mood dominating the market. From classic sheers to more elaborate patterns, high waist control tops are a feature in most hosiery items. For high control contouring on the tummy, derriere, hips and thighs, then high compression zoning creates variable modulus sculpting effects in offering a smooth and sculpted hourglass silhouette. In addition to the figure altering benefits, the application of microencapsulated cosmetic finishes including Vitamin D, aloe vera and caffeine for anti-cellulite applications encourage a slimming and smoothing aspect applied directly to the skin. In addition, synthetic fibers with minerals embedded at extrusion offer cooling and warming aspects plus cosmetic attributes but in a more permanent application.


  • · creora®black or dyeable™ for uniform intense coverage
  • · creora®performance for power shaping
  • · Cool touch fibers - MIPAN® aquaX for moisture management and cool touch
  • · MIPAN® rexy for a gleaming finish
  • · MIPAN® fine and MIPAN® supermicro for trilobal gleam
  • · Microencapsulated finishes – aloe vera, Vitamin D, cooling minerals, moisturizing aspects, slimming


  • · Ladder free hosiery
  • · Cosmetic hosiery
  • · Body toning high cut and thigh shorts built in briefs
  • · Built-shaping briefs from thongs, high legs, shorts and high waists finishing below the bustline
  • · Massaging hosiery with compression zones
  • · Flawless finish in matte and high gloss
  • · Ladder resist sheers 5 denier sheen finish, 10 denier matte finish
  • · Powder touch intense sueded brights
  • · Control tops – built-in briefs from thong back to full panty – uplifting derrieres, flattening tummies and
      smoothing thighs
  • · Sandal toes
  • · Added value – body Sculpting and shaping
  • · Smooth and compact – 5 denier to 40 denier in bestselling flesh tones