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From vintage wool tights to artisan styling, cable knits and drop stitch, there is still a desire for the feel good aspect of the good old days. These tights are thick but functional offering more of a legging look than a hosiery finish, worn and aged. This isn’t just about the structure and form taken from the past, there will also be an irregularity featuring cotton and wool creora® blends with drop stitch detail for a worn in look.

Openwork delicate lace structures in classic cotton-touch qualities work alongside the diaphanous and delicate aspect of diaphanous featherweight wool hosiery, fitted to the knee and straight legged and footless, ruching around the ankle. Ladder stitch creates a regular agedness to this direction and with the inclusion of cashmere, silk and merino wool ensuring a high level of quality and luxury when teamed with creora® C-400.


  • · creora® C-400 compatible with natural fibers and recycled synthetics including MIPAN® regen™
      recycled nylon
  • · creora® C100 for soft stretch comfort
  • · Wool
  • · Cotton
  • · Silk
  • · Recycled fibers


  • · Thermoregulating aspects from a synthetic side and also woolen applications
  • · Classic silk stockings
  • · Wool and intarsia, still seeing chunky artisan tights in cable inspired knits
  • · Loose stockings and hosiery in fine denier natural blends including wool and silk
  • · Classic with a vintage aspect through to 70s fun Transparent rib wool tights