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It’s time for some fun, time to release an energetic offering in terms of color and fabric textures. From bi and mono stretch allover lace to cationic yarn dyes for prismic effects teamed with creora® dyeable™to maintain the vibrancy of the tones, the idea of this direction is to buck the global mood and inject an element of kitsch styling and surprising details. Playfully capricious, openwork fabrics create abstract effects while yarn dyed stripes play with contrasting tones and stitch effects for added detail. Not just geared towards the young, this lively offering is also geared towards the young at heart!

Fancy stretch narrows are key to this group, complimenting the basic stretch fabrics that are left plain or digitally enhanced with high definition graphics. Stretch woven cotton features, delivering a favorite feel good mood prior to the era of synthetics. Circular and warp knits are lightweight and easily trimmed, this is a pile it up trend on the decorative front so there is no need for today’s clean cut high tech finishing, this is all about being unique. The core of the fibers on offer pursue an eco aspect with natural fibers, new naturals in the form of cellulosics and recycled synthetics including MIPAN® regen™ working alongside the eco offerings from creora®


  • · creora® dyeable™ low heat settable and molding at lower temperatures with superior colorfastness for
      tones the bright in this direction
  • · creora® performance H-350 for high performance stretch in body shaping elements


  • · Synthetic shine enhances the tones from MIPAN® rexy
  • · cotna® cotton touch polyester
  • · MIPAN® micro tri-lobal yarns for iridescent finishes
  • · Prismic metallic yarns


  • · Abstract forms in powernet jacquards mimic lace effects
  • · Power stretch lace
  • · High shine garish warp knits
  • · Molding fabrics
  • · Fancy elastic narrows
  • · Blister surfaces
  • · Embroidery features on soft stretch tulle
  • · Metallic prints on compact knits or power mesh
  • · Digital prints pull from a kitsch aspect – overprint with polyurethane and metallic prints for doubled up
  • · Sugary aspects from subtle use of iridescent fibers in blends with matte synthetics and creora®
  • · Bright toned stretch lace and lace narrows overprinted for a clashing effect
  • · Sherbet touch matte circular knits
  • · Yarn dyed stripes – overprint for added detail


  • · Basic intimate apparel with a sense of fun for men and women
  • · Shaping aspects feature in the form of tummy panel inserts
  • · Fashion forward lingerie with a difference for day through to evening
  • · Sleepwear