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What you see isn’t necessarily what you get as consumers demand more performance from their intimate apparel than just the obvious. Falling into different categories from shapewear through to cosmetic treatments. Radical features the sculpting and shaping aspects of intimate apparel where creora® performance H-350 spandex/elastane for power stretch comes into play for all day shapewear. The explosion of 24/7 shapewear is seeing different levels of performance combined with a growing interest in natural blends including cotton and high levels of spandex/elastane. Men’s shaping is also seeing a surge in interest on the intimate apparel front.

Intimate apparel basics also feature here as smooth and perfect fabrics range from featherweight through to heavier tricot, while jacquards play optically with matte/bright yarns for mock textural effect. Plain and printed spacer fabrics with moldable capability incorporating creora®dyeable™ with MIPAN® regen recycled nylon for seamfree bra cups, replacing the need for foam covered bras. The inclusion of micro encapsulation of cosmetic properties applied directly to the skin continues with anti-cellulite and slimming lotions. Bio-ceramic and mineral powders for wellbeing including increased circulation and thermoregulation feature in fashion andsports intimate apparel collections, as the demand for wellbeing continues to grow.


  • · creora®performance H-350 for power stretch and zoned core stability
  • · creora® dyeable™ low heat settable and molding at lower temperatures with superior colorfastness
  • · creora® black


  • · MIPAN® regen™ recycled nylon and regen™ recycled polyester
  • · MIPAN® aquaX cool touch moisture management
  • · Micro modal and modal for silky aspect and cotton-touch
  • · Cotton
  • · cotna® cotton touch polyester
  • · FIR yarns – bio-ceramic and mineral embedded yarns for energized results
  • · Microencapsulation finishing – anti-cellulite, vitamin D, aloe vera, caffeine, slimming ingredients
  • · Thermoregulating fibers adapting the body to the surrounding temperature


  • · Nylon/spandex high performance warp knits – high blend of creora® spandex/elastane for compact and
      body molding surfaces
  • · Cotton-touch high performance stretch fabrics – work with bright tones for a change
  • · Shaping lace – mono and bi stretch in geometric forms with high performance in coordinating bright
  • · Double knits for zoning and enhanced sculpting
  • · Optical jacquards –compact and precise surfaces but optically 3D through brilliant yarns used against
      the matte ground
  • · Power stretch jacquards for decorative inserts on the sculpting side
  • · Micro mesh and pique for sporty styling, with or without built-in performance
  • · Lightweight high performance circular knits with cool touch and moisture management against the skin
  • · Compact and precise warp knits for clean cut finishing and laser cutting for a clean finish – eliminating
      visible lines under clothes


  • · Essential basics with added benefits from shaping through to cosmetic applications
  • · Modern all-day sculpting and shapewear applications for men and women: tummy, hips and butt
  • · Active sports intimate apparel for men and women