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A rebellious streak runs riot as raised surfaces and irregularity surprises and generates a sense of fun in bright synthetics aspects, working in a kitsch through to a brilliant modern techno appeal. Pushing the boundaries and defying playing it safe, Gallant skims the edge of eccentricity as fabric surfaces attract the eye from the continuation of lucid metallics to plastic shine, pearlised and polished in exaggerated allover placement or used subtly as an accent.

In a gray world some frivolity has to feature, reflected through the sheen of substrates to the colors used across the seasons through to irregular textural appeal. Escapism features in unruly structures and luminosity unravels in different specters from artificial modernity to irregular surface structures in welcoming bright tones. Luxury features, with silk and cashmere, juxtaposed against the ruggedness of unrefined cotton and wool contrasting with metaloplastic filament and hints of fluorescent fantasy.


  • · creora®performance H-350 for high power stretch in knits and wovens
  • · creora®black for dark magical glistening tones to contrast with brilliant tones


  • · Cross section mono filament yarns for iridescent shine and compact surfaces
  • · MIPAN® soft bright nylon
  • · Acetate in transparent or colored form for a kitsch plastic look
  • · Metaloplastic yarns – incorporate bright colors and drop the traditional silver and gold
  • · Fancy yarns – slub, bouclette, chenille, eyelash cut yarns for surface frivolity
  • · Brilliant viscose
  • · Fluorescent yarns
  • · Glow in the dark fibers


  • · Prismic and crystallized finishes from bright synthetic cross section yarns to innovative coatings
  • · Calendared finishes add a prism finish to single bright polyester/ creora® jersey
  • · Bright viscose single jersey
  • · Yarn dyed jersey in intarsia, stripes and jacquard effects
  • · Lively surfaced double knits
  • · Double jersey and double faced fabrics with contrasting textures/luster
  • · Modern glossy hand feel in stretch woven sateen blends with creora®
  • · Jacquardtronic crazy surfaces – blisters, bubbles, seersucker, openwork
  • · Stretch plastic and lacquered coatings with 360 degree stretch applied to synthetic or cotton with creora®
      blend wovens
  • · Patterned lamination on jersey and woven for irregular optical effect
  • · Lightweight woven gabardine
  • · Contrast matte/diaphanous rib jersey in plain or fancy structures
  • · Heat transfer detailing in the form of sequins
  • · Multi-colored foil prints
  • · Patina jersey – fit a flare plus fluidity in lighter weight with the inclusion of creora® spandex/elastane
  • · Modern pearlised coatings
  • · Digital printing – trick optics through graphics of thick and structured wovens printed onto plain stretch


  • · Urban streetwear for the younger end of the market
  • · Women’s on-trend casual fashion separates