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A sense of wonderment infiltrates fabrics, beguiling and embracing the consumers’ need for something different, and a sensuality and sophistication that stands out either optically or texturally. The marvel aspect of this direction doesn’t have to be overtly evident, it can come from the touch of the fabric and a luxurious feel, through added value in the form of performance through a finish or purely through the quality precision of both knits and wovens.

For wovens this is also about the stretch and fit, for bottom and shirting weights with that comfort stretch factor, with creora® eco H-550 blending with natural fibers from cotton through to wool. A brighter satin aspect features through bright tri-lobal and modern brilliance from synthetics including bright MIPAN®. In a chaotic world, look to the regularity of geometry for print and woven jacquards, with contrasting dull/bright yarns for textural appeal. For knits, the inclusion of creora®performance H-350 spandex/elastane includes high power sculpting-lined ready-to-wear. creora® spandex/elastane offers stability to viscose and synthetics single jersey knits for a more fluid offering in lighter weight qualities for all seasons.


  • · creora®eco H-550 perfect to team with the noble natural and sustainable fibers on offer for a strong
      sustainable story
  • · creora® performance H-350 for body sculpting ready-to-wear tailored into the garments in either high
      power fabrics or liners creora® black for classic dark tones


  • · Natural fibers – mercerized cotton and merino wool
  • · Noble fibers – pima cotton, cashmere, silk and high twist fine linear yarns
  • · Recycled synthetics – regen™ and MIPAN® regen™ recycled nylon
  • · Viscose and modal
  • · Mono filament yarns for clean and gleaming surface


  • · Compact woven cambric cotton/creora® spandex/elastane for lightweight bottoms and shirts
  • · Yarn dyed compact wovens using contrasting colors/luster yarns for regular and precise stripes
  • · Cotton/polyester/creora® gabardine – polished surfaces
  • · Stretch woven satin from mid to modern high luster
  • · Double jersey
  • · Featherweight synthetic jersey with a modern glossy appeal and perfect surfaces
  • · Intense to incredibly lightweight dense fabrics due to the innovative yarns used on the woven and knit
  • · Brilliant sheen to synthetic and cellulosic blends with creora® for fluid single jersey
  • · Micro acrylic/polyester/creora® spandex/elastane blends for lightweight winter thermal performance in
  • · Performance stretch for liners in streamlined ready-to-wear for extra shaping and sculpting in fitted
  • · Geometrics inspire prints and fabrics structures from woven jacquards and knits feature through color or
      varying lustrous effects
  • · Easy-care and functional finishes add value to stretch wovens


  • · Women’s smart/casual separates
  • · Catering for curves in the plus size market for women – sculpting aspects on outer shell fabrics or power
  • · Women’s built-in shaping dresses, skirts and trousers
  • · Men’s comfort stretch in knits and wovens