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Denim spreads its appeal through structures ranging from shabby to chic, continuing to drive the traditional jeanswear market but also extending into a smarter ready-to-wear offering. The optical appeal of denim base fabrics focus on contrasts, from raw and dry to bright and shiny, compact and smooth to slub effects, but all with stretch. The stretch aspect in the denim market, delivered by creora® spandex/elastane incorporated into blends, has become an essential aspect of this firm favorite fabric. Not just for super stretch but for comfort stretch too. No longer confined to the women’s denims sector, men’s comfort stretch denim is one of the fastest growing sectors

Denim, a previously water heavy and chemical hungry secto r, redefines itself to fit with today’s essenti al environmental ecological mood. Denim navigates its way into a new era of sustainable production from fiber through to finish, a journey that sees it looking to classic fiber blends alongside essential cotton content, still the key component. Brighter synthetic blends including recycled polyester regen™ and MIPAN® regen™ recycled nylon are crucial for the demand for lighter weights for all seasons.


  • · creora® eco H-550 fits the growing sustainable story blended with natural, sustainable and recycled
      synthetics along with the increasing range of sustainable dyeing and finishing
  • · creora® performance H-350 for super stretch and comfort stretch denim
  • · Black and gray denim is now seen as standard – creora® black is key in defining incredibly darker tones
      and gray casts


  • · Cotton is key – extra long staple cotton including pima cotton for added luxury touch
  • · Recycled cotton – cotton cuttings recycled and perfect for eco aspects teamed with creora® ecoH-550
      low heat settable pandex
  • · Eco-friendly linen/creora® eco H-550 blends for a spring delivery – look to slubby raw textures
  • · Innovative blends for lighter stretch bottom weights – incorporate regen™ recycled polyester with cotton
  • · Bi-stretch denim continues to dominate the premium denim women’s market in much finer qualities
  • · Cashmere, wool and silk add luxury to denim
  • · Lightweight stretch denim for winter delivery with the inclusion of aerowarm® hollow polyester
  • · Eco friendly finishing and dyeing


  • · Heritage structures in new lighter weight qualities with imperfect surfaces and texture
  • · Japanese denim inspires with slub surfaces, and cross hatch denim for true authenticity
  • · Worn and aged shabby chic denim continues in strength through structure and finish in wovens and
      denim-look knits
  • · 2/1 classic weaves with a compact surface and stretch
  • · Mono-stretch denim - an essential aspect in all denim collections for comfort stretch to super stretch
  • · Eco friendly processing - water free finishing – ozone finishes laser finishing and pigment dyeing
  • · Soft powdery touch denim in new tones for spring – from sherbet to sharp bights and fluorescents
      compliment indigo tones and increasingly popular black and gray casts
  • · Fluid denim qualities team creora® ecoH-550 blended with Tencel®
  • · Work with the technical side of denim through contrasting colored filler yarns, or prints
  • · Selvedge stretch denim for an authentic look and a premium edge
  • · Coatings and lacquerings from metallic to chalky are kept clean or scratched at to reveal the face of the


  • · Comfort and super stretch for women in traditional jeanswear market
  • · Men’s – comfort stretch on the increase
  • · Smart denim applications - clean finish for a sharp chic interpretation of denim including sculpting aspects