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High performance swimwear fabrics mimic the hydrodynamics of marine mammals in delivering compact and precise chlorine resistant, lightweight, and quick dry swimwear fabrics. Key functions include reduced drag through the water and the ability to accelerate speed and enhance performance further aided with the inclusion of creora® highclo™ H-350S. A nano-technology aspect also features with hydrophobic finishes creating water resistant fabrics.

Surfaces are compact and smooth, matte and dull in touch enhanced through great graphics applied through printing techniques. High performance also features in more fashion led fitness swimwear. One and two pieces that deliver both the desired performance plus support in the form of built-in shaping and core stability delivered through blends of synthetics with creora® highclo™ H-350S.


  • · creora® highclo™ H-350S super chlorine resistant spandex/elastane for engineered compression,
      retained fit and increased longevity for regular users.


  • · askin® polyester – quick dry with UV protection
  • · MIPAN® aquaX nylon with enhanced touch, quick dry and UV protection
  • · Nano-technology low wetting hydrophobic finishes for improved speed and comfort
  • · Dope dyed multifilament yarns with continuous color and eco aspects
  • · Matt flat synthetics for dull smooth finish


  • · Compact and light with a variety of power and compression to work into zoned application within a suit
  • · High compression shaping liners for tummy control and bust support with built-in bras
  • · High compression warp knits for engineered core stability
  • · Clean cut warp knits feature for flatlock seam stitching through to bonded seams
  • · Sublimation prints in ultra bright tones – optically textural or bold in graphic detail
  • · Prints feature for the sport swimwear sector as inserts and the more fashion conscious aqua fitness
  • · Fish scale prints


  • · Competitive swimwear - light and compact for enhanced performance
  • · Regular fitness swimwear
  • · Triathlon garments
  • · Aqua fitness and sport swimwear including aqua gym, aqua aerobic, underwater spinning - all with a high
      fashion element combined with a strong signature sport styling