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The allure of nature makes it move towards an exotic delivery for swimwear as unique and vivacious colorways and print inspirations are pulled from natural sources. Solid colors are inspired, enhanced through textural effects either through jacquard effects or through polyurethane printing to create optical texture. The touch of the swimwear fabrics is predominantly soft and velvety to touch, with a matte finish, mimicking the aspects of downy orchid leaves.

Traditional inspiration of florals, fauna, and reptiles but reworked, injected with new colorways and textures too. The effect can be kept simple through to overworked patchwork, natural touch and sueded aspects. Textures are key as is fabric manipulation. Recycled synthetics, cotton touch, natural touch, dry and raw hands all feature in keeping with the natural inspiration, which when teamed with creora®dyeable™ or creora®eco continues a sustainable spirit.


  • · creora® highclo™ H-350S super chlorine resist for engineered compression, longer lasting chlorine
      resistance, retained fit and increased longevity for regular users
  • · creora® dyeable™ teams with virgin and recyled nylon for low heat settable and superior colorfast fabrics
  • · creora® eco H-550 teams with natural, cellulosic and recycle


  • · MIPAN® regen™ recycled nylon and regen™ recycled polyester for a sustainable story
  • · MIPAN® soft full dull yarns for a dense and compact finish
  • · MIPAN® soft air textured yarns for a cotton textured touch
  • · askin® polyester and MIPAN® aquaX for quick dry and UV protection
  • · Dope dyeing synthetics like MIPAN® black for eco story in saving water
  • · UV protection features in coordinated beachwear


  • · High compression warp knits for shaping swimwear
  • · Compact fabric for clean cut and reduced sewing and trimming
  • · Circular knits with engineered power for liners and outer shells
  • · Textured jacquards mimic the organic inspiration
  • · Quick dry fabrics
  • · Macro placement and allover prints make the most if the vibrant colorway and key inspiration especially
      on the flora and fauna front
  • · Rascheltronic warp knits with openwork effects
  • · Vibrant solids and prints overprinted with transparent polyurethane for added effect when the light
      catches the surface
  • · Reptile prints and finishes
  • · Digital prints for the younger end of the market – super sharp tones and graphics


  • · A funky and vibrant offering for the younger end of the market
  • · A good direction for shaping swimwear in solids or prints for the fashion conscious mature consumer