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High impact energy wear for the gym through to the ski slopes. There is a push ‘n’ pull element to this trend, as you get back what you put in. Moisture management, quick dry, UV protection, thermoregulation and FIR fabrics feature that enhance circulation that push the energetic exercise and the body just that bit further.

Fabrics react to the desired activity, not just protecting but also enhancing performance levels for results through the actual exercise and recovery. This trend is packed full of performance, not just delivered by the inherent necessity of creora® spandex/elastane but also through the blending ingredients. But a high level function is key. These fabrics are becoming increasingly lighter without losing any of the performance of their previous heavier predecessors. In addition a new generation of colors and finishes reacts to this trend with prismic effects and changeant finishes.


  • · creora® black for bestselling dark tones
  • · creora® performance H-350 for high compression stretch and support
  • · creora® dyeable™ for superior color fastness


  • · MIPAN® FIT – FIR yarns activates blood circulation and body metabolism
  • · aerogear® polyester FIR yarns – encourage a sense of wellbeing
  • · aerosilver® with permanent antimicrobial benefits
  • · aerocool® prizma cat dye moisture management polyester
  • · MIPAN® robic high tenacity fibers for robust anti tear and protection
  • · aerowarm® hollow-core polyester for lighter weight warmth and comfort complete with moisture
  • · MIPAN® aquaX – moisture management, UV protection and quick dry, modern bright white is key in
      this trend and can be delivered in opaque qualities
  • · MIPAN® tri lobal yarns for new generation color and shine


  • · Fine gauge circular knits
  • · Clean cut compact warp knits
  • · Thermal knits as liners, bonded to streamlined stretch woven outer shells
  • · Yarn dyed lightweight thermal knits for base layer warmth
  • · Pique knits with moisture management and UV protection
  • · Double sided knits in contrast colors/textures for second layers
  • · Jacquards – work optically contrasting synthetics with creora® for an optical effect
  • · Space dyed prints and striated effects
  • · Compact surface are printed with holographic and prismic effects
  • · Mono and bi stretch synthetic knits and wovens for ease of movement and tough protection for
      activewear that stretches the body
  • · Stretch wovens with functional windproof, waterproof stretch membranes
  • · Plain and rib elastic narrows for waistbands and cuffs
  • · Iridescent and glossy membranes achieve the new lucidity of colored and print bases that are being
      pursued combined with added function


  • · Outdoor sports for all seasons •New generation running and gymwear
  • · Skiwear – from free skiing to snowboarding – lightweight, thermal and high levels of movement feature
  • · Mountain climbing •Hiking •Motorcycling •Seamless base layers – cool touch for spring and thermal for