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Embracing the global mixture of rich traditions, Cultural Club pulls from the diversity that different tribes offer. A strong artisan and ethnic influence inspires through jacquard structures and prints through to handmade openwork structures.

Diversity is the name of the game but so is respect, not just for different cultures but also a respect towards sustainable fibers and processes. Natural fibers from cotton and wool feature along with recycled synthetics and reduced water in the dyeing process. The vibrancy of the tones on offer is key but can be altered from powdery touch through to semi bright.


  • · creora® C100 for soft stretch and comfort fit
  • · creora® C400 compatible with recycled synthetics and natural fibers
  • · creora® dyeable™ for sustainable applications
  • · MIPAN® regen recycled nylon
  • · aerowarm® polyester for a thermal effect
  • · Cotton
  • · Wool


  • · 100 denier hosiery leggings
  • · Thick wool rib tights with sheer to waist finish
  • · Thermal tights and knee-highs for fall/winter
  • · Warm opaque wool/microfiber/creora® spandex/elastane
  • · 40 and 50-denier matte finish tights and knee highs with a natural dull finish
  • · 80-denier basics in solid or patterned tones
  • · Openwork jacquards
  • · Aztec structures and prints
  • · Traditional crochet effects
  • · Multi colored jacquard constructions
  • · Multi colored printed tights
  • · 100 denier footless tights for a fancy fashion accent through deceptive print