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As femininity oozes into the market in the intimate apparel sector it is only natural that hosiery should follow suit. Sheer and decorative is the name of the game with black becoming less dominant and used more as an accent in decorative applications, either allover or in placement form.

Elegant to the core, there is a sense of tradition and conservatism, but it isn’t prudish, it is seductively alluring in a subtle way. Sheer denier semi and full gloss hosiery features along with the increased interest in stockings and hold-ups with a decorative finish.


  • · creora® black for sophisticated and elegant deep tones
  • · creora® performance H-350 for power shaping in delicate hosiery
  • · MIPAN® microfine tri-lobals for elegance and superior sheerness
  • · MIPAN® FDY yarns for smooth opaques


  • · Micro light openwork lace tights and knee-highs with reinforced toe and heels
  • · Back seam styling for extreme elegance
  • · Snag resistant hosiery especially for sheer products
  • · Scroll and ornamental prints – allover or placed on sheer bases
  • · Sandal toe for spring delivery
  • · Comfort band on hold ups and knee highs eliminates unsightly markets and guarantees fit
  • · Decorative tops on hold ups
  • · Semi-opaque for longevity and subtle feminine nuance
  • · Transparent sheer bases in 10 denier plus for decorative relief
  • · Ultra sheer through to sheer finish in hosiery, hold ups and stockings
  • · Decorative fishnet – steer clear of black and opt for cosmetic tones