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LITTLE MINX  Direction File Download

It’s time to be playful and have a little fun in vibrant solid tones to vivacious geometric prints and structures. The colors involved pursue an energetic direction, injecting a joie de vivre into the hosiery sector, Both matte and luminous qualities feature predominantly with an opaque delivery in smooth and compact through to textured touch from texturized yarns in matte handles. Lighter weight qualities feature for spring delivery while for winter more intense opaque tones feature.


  • · creora® dyeable™ for improved colorfastness
  • · creora® performance for longevity, shape and support
  • · creora® C100 for soft touch and comfort stretch
  • · MIPAN® dull textured fine yarns for matte finish opaque tones
  • · MIPAN® rexy for luminosity in vibrant solids


  • · Opaque through to intense opaque for fashionable fit and finish – 40-100 denier
  • · Knee-highs and holds up
  • · Bikini line briefs and sheer to waist
  • · Fantasy prints – multi or bi colored
  • · Geometric prints are expressive
  • · Random prints relate a rebellious spirit
  • · Fishnet tights and openwork geometric jacquard
  • · Basic bright opaque color tights for every day
  • · Footless 80 -100 denier tights for the younger end of the market