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An array of luster features here from tone-on-tone luminance through to lacquered and enamel finishes and crystallized aspects that catch the light. Lightweight but strong, both warp knits and circular knits with soft touch shine feature.

The scale of the optical appearance ranges from subtle applications through to funky aspects including foil prints and leather-look finishes. The look can be achieved through yarn inclusion or finishes from lacquering to prints and is further enhanced through the use of brighter tones.

Modern and light, optically alluring but soft to touch, the appeal ranges from new day basics with seamless moldable aspects through to fancier jacquard applications contrasting lucid yarns with matte for relief definitions. Sensual second skin styling delivered by the inclusion of creora® spandex embraces and supports Molded fabrics for seamless cups and spacer fabrics elimi the body. nate the need for bra pads, as a lighter option but still with some support come through. This textile direction is set to make intimate apparel stand out on the retail floor, catching the eye of the consumer.


  • · creora® performance H-350 for engineered compression and clean cut warp knits
  • · creora® black for darker tones for F/W 15/16 delivery
  • · creora® dyeable™ for superior color fastness with the intense tones


  • · MIPAN® rexy for modern glistenette looks
  • · MIPAN® rexy II for new generation shine in circular and warp knits
  • · MIPAN® fine denier bright and semi dull yarn for decorative contrasting relief and luster
  • · Metallic yarns for outline relief in stretch lace
  • · Tri-lobal yarns for top level crystal effect
  • · prizma® cationic polyester for intense tones


  • · Clean-cut warp knits
  • · Clean cut lightweight spacer fabrics for molded cups
  • · High gloss featherweight knits
  • · Featherweight silky touch circular knits in high shine
  • · Hosiery weights in lustrous effects
  • · Decorative stretch lace with bright/matte yarn combinations
  • · Matte/bright stretch jacquards incorporate contrasting yarns to enhance the relief of the fabrics
  • · Tri-lobal yarns create an irregular iridescence
  • · Power mesh for wings
  • · Wet look liquid hand warp knits
  • · All-over openwork stretch jacquard for bodies-returning as a top shape in the intimate apparel sector


  • · Modern and clean intimate apparel – overtly synthetic in its appearance
  • · Seamless intimate apparel and clean cut finishing for a futuristic finish
  • · Fancy and decorative fashion lingerie worked for day through to night incorporating stretch lace and
      acquards with solid toned warp and circular knits
  • · Low to medium level shapewear with a fashionable signature