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Sporty and basics with enhancements feature in this group for men and women. On a performance level mesh and solids with a moisture management are key, complete with quick dry and thermoregulation. This is active intimates in brighter aspects through color but also through lucid and iridescent yarns. For essential basics there is growth in the synthetic or cotton/creora® blends with graphics aspects for men, the function of fit that creora® spandex delivers being understood by this market. For women’s basics, fabrics are clean and functional, trending towards a natural touch either derived from synthetics or natural fibers with the added benefit of cosmeto textile including FIR fabrics for enhanced wellbeing.

High performance sports intimate apparel continues to grow, with moisture management stretch mesh used for ventilation and high compression warp knits and liners offering core stability for sports briefs. The fabrics to be pursued in this direction offer more than the traditional aspect of fit and control. They react with the body and enhance the overall experience whether it is from the subtle use of moisture management or the healthwear aspect of FIR fabrics that increase the body’s circulation and reenergize the wearer.


  • · creora® dyeable™ for fit in colors
  • · creora® eco H-550 for low heat settable and molding at lower temperatures
  • · creora® performance H-350 for high compression
  • · creora® black for dark tones


  • · Cotton – for a clean and traditional appeal
  • · cotna® cotton touch polyester for a natural touch but with the performance of a syntehtic
  • · MIPAN® FIT - FIR performance fiber
  • · MIPAN® fine, brilliant trilobal micro denier for a changeant sheen
  • · MIPAN® aquaX cool touch and fast dry plus enhanced opacity in sporty white
  • · askin® cool touch polyester with moisture management
  • · Wool and hollow fibers for thermal aspects for F/W 15/16 delivery
  • · aerosilver® polyester for anti bacterial and mositure management performance
  • · techway® polyester - super soft and quick dry


  • · Compact and classic circular and warp knit for men and women’s basics
  • · Mock and openwork stretch mesh with moisture management and cool touch, especially for sports
  • · Healthwear fabrics that react and improve the consumer’s wellbeing
  • · Mock rib knits for a clean linear look
  • · Warp knits with clean cut and heat bonded finish for a modern sporty sculpted look
  • · Optical geometric jacquards
  • · Thermal and thermoregulating lightweight knit fabrics for enhanced performance in natural and
      synthetic options
  • · Changeant effects in brilliant white through to futuristic, prismic hues
  • · Brushed functional fabrics for liners in bras – cool and comfortable against the skin
  • · Jacquard elastic narrows for waistbands


  • · Women and men’s basic intimate apparel with a classic feel
  • · Women’s sports intimate apparel, especially bras and briefs
  • · Men’s sports shorts