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Standing out from the crowd continues to be a consumer puller as bright luminosity shine through in a gray world. Bright synthetics bring enhanced luster from liquidity to metallic shine in lightweight slinky knits but with volume. All over sheen contrasts with iridescent finishes in varying degrees of shine, this textile direction embraces all levels of lustre from sophisticated to downright brilliance with a twist.

Colored crystal perfect surfaces sit alongside enameled coated surfaces, with a glazed look for a subtler offering. For new generation luster look to liquid-like brilliance with a changeant effect, reacting to contrasting light and fit and fluidity. Surfaces in both the knit and woven sector are compact and smooth, allowing the desired lucidity to dominate and react to the light from subtle sheen to the next level of lucidity with a brilliant wow factor.


  • · creora® dyeable™ low-heat settable spandex with superior color fastness with polyester
  • · creora® performance H-350 for regular compression
  • · creora® black for enhanced deep tones with onyx lucidity


  • · MIPAN® rexy for intense luster
  • · MIPAN® bright tri-lobal for regular gleam
  • · prizma® polyester for vivacious brights
  • · Viscose brings forward its inherent gleam and soft hands
  • · Metalloplatic yarns – traditional metallic tones and new brights
  • · Fluorescent yarns and glow in the dark yarns and prints inject a sense of fun even ona sophisticated
  • · Irridescent yarns
  • · Foil prints – allover or irregular


  • · Sophisticated gleam in synthetic based warp and circular knits
  • · Solid jewel tones are enhanced with the vibrancy prizma® polyester brings combined with creora®
  • · Contrasting colored bright yarns creates a two-tone changeant effect in prizma® polyester/ creora®
      dyeable™ for slinky lightweight circular knits that have body
  • · Glass-like ciruclar knits with a semi diaphannous appearance
  • · Compact and glide-like surfaces feature in circular and warp knits
  • · Clean cut warp knits for modern applications, clean cutting and lazering
  • · Calendared and laminated transparent gloss enhances base colors
  • · Modern-look lacquered warp knits
  • · Metallic yarns raise the luster level when teamed with semi dull synthetics and creora®
  • · Lightweight mono and bi stretch wovens with modern gleam through fiber content or coating
  • · Crystal surface appearance incorporating MIPAN® rexy in knits and wovens
  • · Enameled and semi glazed coating elevates base colors
  • · Polyurethane prints
  • · Frosted metallic prints


  • · Bright casualwear separates in knits and wovens – this direction can be worked in a subtle manner to
      the more extreme
  • · On-trend glamour for dresses and fit and flare tunics for smart and evening wear
  • · Casual streetwear will embrace this trend in knits for tops