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Classic stretch denim continues with comfort stretch and super stretch. There is an extra ruggedness for the growing menswear sector, boys will be boys, as authentic aspect denim with the inclusion of creora® spandex/elastane deliver comfort fit. Denim is also reaching new performance levels along with comfort stretch, high performance shaping through to thermoregulation and antibacterial aspects. What is key to the denim sector is the growing stand on sustainability as new blends and textile processes reduce water, energy and chemical consumption.

Tencel® and modal blends feature, delivering a softer and more fluid aspect and lighter finish to denim bases. Intense dark tones are enhanced through synthetic blends with creora, with brighter nylon bringing forward a bejeweled lucidity. Fillers get fancy in contrasting tones and jacquards bringing a new option to the denim market. Super stretch is slightly less extreme than previously, but for the womenswear market remains a staple for skinny silhouettes and loose fit shapes that still require lift and support on the tummy and derrière.


  • · creora® eco H-550 for low heat settable, vibrant tones and the strong sustainable story
  • · creora® black for authentic indigo tones and deep gray cast denim
  • · creora® performance H-350 for super stretch denim


  • · MIPAN® regen recycled nylon and regen™ recycled polyester
  • · MIPAN® tri-lobal nylon for intense and lucid surfaces
  • · MIPAN® FIT – FIR yarns for wellbeing denim for super stretch denim in skinny silhouettes
  • · aerowarm® thermal polyester for winter weights
  • · Conventional cotton and recycled cotton and cotton clippings
  • · aerowarm® hollow fiber thermal polyester for winter weights
  • · Cellulosics and modal for sustainability, fluidity, luster and the all important soft touch
  • · Merino wool for winter weights
  • · Anti bacterial yarns and finishes for functional denim


  • · Classic cotton/creora® spandex/elastane comfort stretch denim for men and women
  • · Sustainakble fabrics using eco friendly dyes, waterless finishes, eco enzymes and finishings
  • · Authentic denim structures – cross hatch and slub denim especially for the men’s comfort stretch
  • · Polyester/cotton/ creora® spandex/elastane for bright chambrays and twill for bottoms
  • · Irridescent tri-lobal yarns for bright, bright crystal tones in enhanced blues
  • · Fashion-based denim - look to new colors and structures and prints
  • · Jacquard stretch denim
  • · Hybrid blends including with creora® spandex/elastane
  • · Compact lighter weight surfaces for all seasons with comfort stretch
  • · Bi stretch denim – 360° fit and support
  • · High compression stretch for shaping denim
  • · Skinny silhouette and shaping denim are further enhanced through FIR yarns directly zoned against
      the skin
  • · Glazed surfaces through finish or yarn
  • · Mineral touch matte denim – semi glazed finish
  • · Colored denim filler for contrasting effect on the technical side that after garment finishing is exposed
      onto the face
  • · Consider using contrasting warp and weft yarns to get matte and bright contrasts
  • · Eco friendly waxing and coatings
  • · Pigment printed denim
  • · Printed denim – flocked, gum and resin print


  • · Casual denim range for men and women with comfort stretch
  • · Men’s comfort stretch continues but in authentic and masculine structures
  • · High compression shaping denim
  • · Fashion denim incorporating new color and yarn combinations available
  • · Smart fashion separates for men and women