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It is all about the touch as powdery and ceramic aspects appeal in stretch knits and wovens. Compact surfaces hold a cryptic clue through the use of prints and contrasting yarns as optical effects in geometric formation feature in both knits and wovens. Interesting surface effects catch the eye as blistered knits and plissé textures feature creating a 3D effervescent effect.

Both compact and irregular volume of raised surfaces feature appeal to be touched, which is where super soft hands are essential. Plain or crinkled, stretch single circular knit and warp knit jersey delivery fit and flare in lightweight qualities. Calvary twill and plain warp knits mimic the woven sector for bottom weights, relying on a dusty touch finish through to a natural and subtle glazed appearance. Stretch pile fabrics from velveteen through to textural jacquards with raised relief that dances across surfaces.


  • · creora® performance H-350 for regular compression
  • · creora® eco H-550 for sustainable story especially
  • · when teamed with recycled synthetics


  • · MIPAN® regen recycled nylon and regen™ polyester feature for a sustainable option on the
      sustainable signature
  • · Cotton and cotna® cotton-touch polyester from the desire of natural touch
  • · Viscose/poly/creora® spandex blends for knits bring bounce and liveliness to basic knits
  • · Polyester/wool blends with creora® spandex for lightweight and dry stretch
  • · Linen/creora® spandex for fine gauge jersey
  • · Space dyed yarns for optically textural appeal
  • · Mélange yarns
  • · Cut yarns for plush surfaces
  • · Crepe and FTY yarns for textural grainy surfaces


  • · Featherweight porous circular knits
  • · Slubby surface express surface interest especially when used with linen for circular knits
  • · Microfine merino wool jersey for fall delivery – inherently natural to touch
  • · Roving slub yarns enhance the natural touch
  • · Space yarns and mélange knits create interesting optical aspects in flat finishes
  • · Plissé knits incorporating FDY synthetics for a matte finish
  • · Seersucker and blistered frothy surfaces in knits
  • · Raised jacquard relief in war knits
  • · Bright spongy touch stretch matte velveteen and double sided knits
  • · Compact dry touch double faced knits in contrasting colors
  • · Optical digital and sublimation prints deliver a 3D effect to surfaces
  • · Comfort stretch woven corduroy and colored stretch denim knits
  • · Indigo-inspired interlock for tops
  • · Warp knits mimic wovens for comfort stretch bottoms and jackets
  • · Warp knits with a strong macro twill-like definition


  • · Comfort stretch casualwear for men and women
  • · Womenswear streamlined dresses and fit and flare silhouettes
  • · Fantasy on-trend fashion incorporating the more extreme structures