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Compact and light fabric structures are inspired by the touch of dolphin skin and fish scales that enhance performance in the water. Reduced drag and quick dry fabrics feature in ensuring a stealth-like cut through the water. Matte and bright fabrics feature with lucid accents that glint in the water achieved from yarn use and from metallic and iridescent print placement and tipping.

creora® highclo™ guarantees longevity, with high compression knits zoned into strategic points to create core stability for support, allowing swimmers to glide through the water effortlessly. In addition to traditional racer back one piece suits and sculpting swim shorts for men, fabrics must be quick dry and hydrophobic in encouraging speed. A growing sector for the fitness swimwear sector is the inclusion of built-in bra support, inspired by the sports bra sector.


  • · creora® highclo™ H-350S super chlorine resist for engineered compression, high chlorine resistance
      and fit for regular use inchlorinated water


  • · Polypropylene for the lightest of fabrics
  • · MIPAN® aquaX fast drying and UV protection
  • · MIPAN® regen
  • · askin® polyester with quick dry and UV protection
  • · MIPAN® fine for soft touch liners with high compression for built-on bra cups and shaping liners for
      core stability


  • · Lightweight high compression compact structured warp knits
  • · Bright nylon for changeant effects
  • · Matte/bright combinations for contrast in a suit
  • · Clean cut warp knits with flatlock seams – use iridescent yarns for refelctive elements
  • · Soft stretch mesh for additional compression
  • · Bonded seams
  • · Placement prints
  • · Sleek surfaces for reduced drag
  • · Body mapping contrasting level power knits within a suit
  • · Hydrophobic finishes – nano technology


  • · Men and women’s competitive swimwear and triathlons
  • · Aqua fitness swimwear with built-in sports bras and zoned high compression shaping and tummy