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Futuristic in its offering, interaction is the name of the game as fabrics embrace, protect and enhance, connecting directly with the wearer. Featherweight fabrics are packed full of performance ranging from semi dull to brilliant and tri-lobal qualities that gleam. Surfaces are compact, clean and smooth, defying gravity and taking on the appearance of the casing of a modern robot.

Fabrics react with the performance, from FIR energizing functions through to cool touch and core stability at varying levels of performance. Reflection enhances the look applied through phosphorescent yarns and reflective stretch prints and transfers. Computer circuit boards feature in prints and inspire jacquard effects. Black is key to this group with creora® Black offering intense tones eliminating grin through. UV protection in featherweight whites with opacity delivers on the clean look too. With the rise of social media and immediacy of connection, fabrics in this direction follow suit, fast reacting to the wearer's demands at all levels.


  • · creora® Power Fit for high level compression
  • · creora® Color+ enhances the new digital colors on offer
  • · creora® Black for intense dark tones


  • · MIPAN® aqua-X for cool touch and moisture management in semi dull yarns
  • · MIPAN® FIT & aerogear® – energizing the wearer
  • · Tri-lobal MIPAN® nylon for next generation luster in the sports arena
  • · Polypropylene for the lightest level of high performance fabrics with creora® eco-soft
  • · askin® for brilliant white opacity and UV protection
  • · aercool® and aerowarm® polyester for all season thermoregulation
  • · Reflective yarns and finishes
  • · Phosphorescent polyester yarns that charge in the day and reflect in the dark


  • ·

    Fabrics work as interfaces in generating high level performance, from the high compression of creora® Power Fit to the energizing aspects of MIPAN® FIT and aerogear® polyester

  • ·

    Seamless knitting works contrasting powers of creora® spandex/elastane and MIPAN® range of performance fibers body mapped within a garment

  • · Featherweight circular knits are opaque due to the combination of askin® and creora® spandex/ elastane yarns
  • · Warp knits are compact and full of power, perfect surfaces ideal for printing
  • · Mono and bi stretch fabrics feature
  • · Consider digital and gum printing – reflective aspects are an option
  • · creora® Color+ spandex/elastane for brilliant digital colors
  • · Space dyed knits for a futuristic mélange look
  • · Circular and warp knits include phosphorescent yarns that charge in the day and reflect at night
  • · Digital motherboard inspiration for jacquards


  • · Running – fitness through to pro racing and marathon
  • · Road cycling
  • · Performance base layers for team sports
  • · High impact sports