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Pushing boundaries and breaking barriers is key in pushing performance to the limit. Sport is an age-old activity but it maintains its momentum through reinvention and no more so than through the extreme and 'aggro' sports pursued by adrenalin junkies who relish endurance. In keeping with reinvention, the core inspiration pulls from the past as an industrial approach inspires the fabric construction in this direction.

Grueling and hardcore is the look, but as we know, looks can be deceiving and through the inclusion of innovative yarn combinations, knits and wovens are actually lighter. Masculine, robust and rugged in its approach this is an asexual offering, an equality reigns in this hardcore sector.

Forget high-end shine, there is a grungy aspect to this direction, as aged industrial tones vie with worn-down black. The final look is one of nonchalance and effortlessness, these consumers want to naturally look the part without looking like they are having too much help from today's performance fibers.


  • · creora® Power Fit for high level compression and core stability
  • · creora® highclo™ for super chlorine resistance
  • · creora® Black for dark grungy tones


  • · MIPAN® aqua-X for cool touch moisture management in textured yarns for a grainy touch
  • ·

    MIPAN® FIT nylon and aerogear® polyester FIR yarns for enhanced circulation and energized performance and recovery

  • · MIPAN® robic for additional strength
  • · aerocool® for superior moisture management and UV protection
  • · aerosilver® for permanent performance
  • · aerowarm® - warmth without the weight
  • · cotna® – for a natural touch and appearance


  • · High compression fabrics for enhanced performance and recovery in circular and warp knits
  • ·

    Synthetics pursue the route of natural touch with a matte to semi dull finish – consider dull MIPAN® nylon and cotna® polyester with creora® spandex/elastane

  • · Contrasting flat rib knits for a retro look
  • ·

    Grungy aspects work well with the use of creora® Black teamed with sludgy tones and distressed brights as well as offering reduced grin through on darker tones

  • · Deluster and tone-on-tone prints on semi-matte bases for stained contrast
  • · Classic interlock with a brushed finish on the face
  • ·

    Micro light fleece finishes with comfort stretch for lightweight warmth – consider aerowarm® polyester teamed with creora® spandex/elastane fibers

  • · Contrasting stretch woven and knit bonded fabrics for outer layers


  • · Pro and semi pro sportswear – triathlon and 'Iron Man' competitions
  • · Grueling gym workout wear with a tough twist
  • · Cross sport fitness training
  • · Extreme sports
  • · Snowboarding and skateboarding with an urban edge