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Denim continues to delve back to its roots in delivering true and authentic look structures. But today's vintage aspects are lighter and more comfortable than their predecessors through the inclusion of creora® spandex/elastane yarns and multi blends with cotton continuing as the proprietary fiber. The denim inspired from Legend is deceptive in appearance as classic slub and cross hatch structures look robust but are in fact much lighter.

Both comfort stretch and super stretch feature for the women's market, while men continue to adapt and accept the concept of comfort stretch into their wardrobes. Inspiration ranges from the true rodeo look with worn down and aged aspects combined with a range of authentic indigo tones reminiscent of the rebellious spirit of James Dean. A timeless offering, the inclusion of the latest generation of creora® spandex/elastane ensures a more comfort fit factor.


  • · creora® eco-soft
  • · creora® LUMINOUS


  • · BCI cotton
  • · Conventional cotton
  • · Recycled cotton
  • · Slub natural yarns for roving surface effects
  • · Linen blends for spring/summer delivery
  • · Wool blends for fall/winter delivery
  • · regen™ recycled polyester for multi blends in knits and wovens
  • ·

    aerowarm® hollow polyester for lighter weight, rugged looking blends with creora® spandex/elastane DENIM 2016


  • · Comfort stretch authentic look denim – surfaces are textured and robust looking
  • · Ring spun denim incorporating creora® LUMINOUS for reduced breakage and enhanced productivity in spinning
  • · Multi blends of cotton/polyester/creora® for lighter weight authentic structures
  • · Cross hatch denim
  • · Optically heavier looking denim with a lighter finish
  • · Realistic authentic denim in interlock knit for bottoms and jackets
  • · Mimic traditional selvedge denim for an authentic look in super and comfort stretch qualities


  • · Classic authentic denim in comfort and super stretch for women
  • · Comfort stretch with focus on masculinity & performance for men