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Denim sheds its traditional robustness as softer, more fluid woven denim structures feature. The inclusion of creora® spandex/elastane teamed with cotton and synthetic blends brings through not just fit and flare options on the final silhouette front but also delivers new takes on luster achieved through a variety of processes either inherent to the yarns or through finishing.

Fabric surfaces are compact and lightweight for all seasons, with the inclusion of hollow fibers for additional warmth in the fall. Recycled synthetics including regen™polyester continue to support the more sustainable offering without neglecting the final look. Cellulosics come into play for enhanced fluidity combined with combed and mercerized cotton for a brighter look. Distressed finishing is avoided, with the focus on perfection, enhanced by patina and waxed coatings through to mirrored and holographic prints. Colors range from traditional indigo to acid brights for spring delivery and jeweled tones for fall, making the most of the combination of super smooth brighter qualities all enhanced with the fit and comfort of creora® spandex/elastane.


  • · creora® eco-soft
  • · creora® Black – deep and dark black and indigo tones
  • · creora® LUMINOUS


  • · Combed and mercerized cotton bring luxury touch and added luster
  • · High twist cotton yarns for perfect finishes
  • · Lighter weight bottoms with the inclusion of polyester – opt for recycled regen™ for a sustainable story
  • · Lyocell – team with cotton and creora® eco-soft for soft touch and fluidity
  • ·

    Bright high luster synthetics are brought into multi blends – opt for the filler yarn in a high luster creating a gleam on the face


  • · Bi-stretch glacial surfaced denim – perfect construction
  • · Mono stretch denim for gentle fit and flare characteristics
  • · creora® eco-soft for low heat setting bi-stretch denim
  • · Super stretch lighter weight qualities
  • · Rugged looking canvas structures with comfort stretch and fluidity
  • · Chambray structures for streamlined top weights
  • · Opt for yarn dyed filler for dark and lustrous technical side to denim in traditional deep indigo tones and black
  • · High gloss finishing including printing and wax coatings


  • · Womenswear streamlined classic jeanswear silhouettes with comfort stretch
  • · Shaping denim
  • · Denim crosses into dresses and jackets for ready-to-wear