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Color continues to perform in the denim stakes through a variety of applications from solid yarn dyed through to pigment printed on the face or the technical. There is a marriage between working with different levels of hues to creating unusual hands as a strong natural nuance features. Marbled effects, neppy surfaces through to cross hatch structures feature. There is an element of tradition as herringbone structures bring added definition to surfaces. Comfort stretch features incorporating a chalky touch.

This is very much destined to comfort stretch than super. Muted tones fall into this category and brushed surfaces add a super soft touch. Knitted denim also features ,mimicking the authentic look of woven denim, to the point that it is hard to distinguish from the real or the faux. Linen and wool with cotton/ creora® spandex/elastane deliver the ultimate in a collaborative natural source. Prints and stretch jacquards also feature taking on a more artisan look than previous floral applications.


  • · creora® Color+
  • · creora® eco-soft
  • · creora® LUMINOUS


  • · Cotton – BCI, organic, recycled cotton
  • · Silk and cashmere for a luxury level
  • · Wool and linen feature in blends
  • · Paper touch yarns
  • · Nep yarns for weft for surface effect


  • · Over twisted denim for a crinkle surface effect
  • · Printed batik, stripe and jacquard effects with an artisan mood feature
  • ·

    Consider resist dye effects inspired by authentic processes including traditional Japanese Shibori through dyeing/lasering on denim surfaces

  • ·

    Look to the innovative structures of Japanese Saganishki weaves for artisanal inspiration in creating innovative surface effects

  • · Soft touch mono and bi stretch 2/1 denim is over printed in tone-on-tone or delustered coating effects
  • · Play with tacky touch chalky coating in clear or contrasting colors
  • · Pigment prints on denim teamed with creora® eco-soft for a sustainable story in reduced water usage
  • · Laser finishing mimics traditional stone wash effects
  • · Surfaces are brushed for a softer touch
  • · Waterless ozone finishing


  • · Fashion denim – play with the prints, relief and color for alternatives to indigo
  • · Comfort stretch denim for men and women