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Sludgy aspects in solids and graphic aspects including prints and jacquards, that magically changes in appearance. Cotton and wool feature for a natural nuance, but also look to high-level synthetics that react. Compact and openwork aspects feature, going solo or doubled up, with new takes on fishnet from micro to macro. There is an element of fun and fantasy to this direction incorporating both day and special occasion hosiery. A luxury element comes into the foray with long staple Egyptian cotton and cashmere used in blends with nylon and creora® for comfort fit and shaping. Deniers range from subtle sheer 10-denier hosiery to a higher level of 80-denier for opaque takes on this direction.


  • · creora® STEAMSET+ comfortable fit with soft power perfect to team with natural fibers
  • · creora® Black – play with contrasting tones for a sludgy result
  • · creora® eco-soft to team with the natural fibers and low heat processes
  • · MIPAN® FDY for smooth surfaces and opaque finishes
  • · MIPAN® soft FDY for a smooth and sensual flat microfiber touch
  • · Cotton and merino wool offer a natural option and keep with the matt aspect of this direction
  • · Egyptian cotton and cashmere for the luxury level


  • · Fashion hosiery – work with prints and openwork structures
  • · Soothing and shaping aspects feature in added performance to the consumer
  • · Mesh and fishnet hosiery ranges from micro to macro taking on a geometric or abstract influence
  • · Chevron and herringbone optical looks in openwork or contrasting yarns
  • ·

    Wool blend hosiery in plain or rib finishes, team with MIPAN® and creora® STEAMSET+ for comfortable fit with soft power

  • · Compact and opaque 20 – 80 denier hosiery with a matte touch – keep in solid tones or print up
  • · Prints update basic in allover or panel placement
  • · Decorative knee high to be worn under trousers or offer in new sludgy tones


  • · Focus on wool and cotton rich blends for a natural delivery for men and women
  • · Men socks will take up this direction in classic solid tones or more adventurous relief
  • · A vintage feel to wool based socks in ankle, calf, knee and over the knee-offerings in rib and openwork structures