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Gleaming aspects take colors to new heights. This ranges from colored sheer aspects for day through to high shine glossies oozing elegance for evening. Decorative details appeal, both futuristic with a compact appeal through to a more natural inspiration in relief. This is a sophisticated direction that relies on today's spinning technology in delivering micro count yarns that can create a gleaming and perfect finish.

Luminary can be taken from a sophisticated level through to a basic jazzed up look for updating those bestselling basics, a little bit of shimmer goes a long way. Matte and glossy combine in optical detailing for sheer and semi sheer bases, but it is the bright tri-lobal nylons that take hosiery to new heights, especially when offered in new color directions.


  • · creora® Black for timeless dark tones
  • · creora® Color+ for heightened color and luminosity
  • · creora® Soft Fit for comfortable fit with soft elasticity and power
  • · MIPAN® rexy for glistening aspects
  • · MIPAN® microfine tri-lobals for new levels of gloss in sheer qualities
  • · MIPAN® fine for sheer in bright and semi dull yarns for contrast effects
  • · Metalloplastic yarns feature
  • · Silk and pima cotton


  • · Ultra sheer and sheer finish in hosiery, stockings and hold ups
  • · Briefs and shorts feature on sheer deniers with subtle shaping
  • · Hosiery features from 5-denier through to 40-denier
  • · Glacial aspects, incredibly smooth and gleaming
  • · Embellished hosiery – crystal and heat transfers on sheer bases define the strong feminine look featured here
  • · Flocked printing on sheer bases for decorative effect
  • · Reinforced toes and heels for longevity
  • · Decorative bands in jacquard form for hold ups - work contrasting bright/dull yarns for detail
  • · Holographic aspects in a tonal effect


  • · Elegant and light ankle and calf socks for men and women
  • ·

    Work with varying degrees of luster and counts for elegant socks – this is a subtly decorative trend and definitely not dull