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Technically advanced, shaping fabrics make the most of creora® Power Fit in creating lighter high compression fabrics that deliver a smoothing, shaping and uplifting look but are actually comfortable to wear 24/7. Fine count knits incorporating a combination of creora® spandex yarns in variable modulus fabrics give a sexier edge to lighter weight qualities. By definition these fabrics are compact and clean in this particular market, but also look to injecting decorative geometric detail from prints or through the actual structure of the fabric including decorative selvedge jacquard effects.

The level of compression varies from all-day shaping and smoothing in light to medium, with high-level compression geared for the true corsetry-inspired shapewear. Another aspect in updating the shapewear sector to a new level is through the use of brilliant synthetics in creating next generation luster. Black continues as a key seller but look to incorporating new colors in creating a new range of luminance that will attract the consumer. While compression is a key factor, so is comfort, the inclusion of high performance nylon offering moisture management and cool touch all add value to a continuing desired product.


  • · creora® Power Fit for powerful fit and shaping through high compression
  • · creora® Black for deep dark tones eliminating grin through
  • · creora® Color+ for deeper darker colors


  • · MIPAN® tri-lobal for high luster
  • · MIPAN® in fine gauge for iridescent shimmer
  • · MIPAN® aqua-X for cool touch moisture management confidence
  • ·

    MIPAN® FIT - FIR nylon for enhanced circulation and cosmetic benefits – perfect for these smoothing and shaping fabrics

  • · Microencapsulated vitamins and cosmetic ingredients directly nourish the skin


  • · Sheerer and softer high compression featherweight circular knits – 50 guage
  • · Super compact warp surfaces in matte/brilliant appearance for contrast
  • · Consider zoned warp knit panels – engineered garments to be clean cut and composed of a single seam
  • · Seamless shaping in lightweight and compact structures
  • · Decorative clean selvedge edges
  • · Classic micro mesh with high compression
  • ·

    Decorative detail is essential in updating the shapewear sector from matte/bright optical high compression jacquards through to prints or even just a simple micro mesh in matte for contrast but all offering high compression

  • ·

    Color enters the arena – look to sharp futuristic brights for S/S delivery and smoky tones with changeant luster for F/W


  • · True shapewear market – update the look through luster and lighter weight constructions
  • · Sexier applications – bring in some glamour and team with coordinating lace and embroidery ranges for bras
  • · Men’s shaping – a niche market but not to be left behind