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Sometimes it is the simple things in life that we overlook that can cause a surge of pleasure, a spring flower or a crisp blue sky right down to a cup of tea. Through Serendipity we explore the simplicity and sensual aspects that fabrics can bring from cotton to modal teamed with creora® spandex/elastane, in delivering a reassuring and reawakened insight into favorite factors.

There is a lively and playful spirit to this direction achieved not just through the touch of the fabrics on offer but also through the color use and prints. Softly does it, gently push the boundaries and deliver a revised offering that is particularly geared to basics. In contrast look to incorporating a convivial aspect to more sophisticated offerings, especially in the lace and jacquard sector. The feel good factor not only lifts the consumers spirit but also delivers a strong sense of reassurance combined with the uplifting aspect of humor: it's always good to indulge in the funny side of life!


  • · creora® Color+ for high level colorfastness
  • · creora® eco-soft, a perfect partner to cotton and micro modal
  • · creora® STEAMSET+ for seamless applications


  • · Cotton – conventional through to pima for undisputed silkiness
  • · Mercerized cotton for added gleam
  • · Micro modal for superior natural silky touch
  • · cotna® cotton touch polyester
  • · Tri-lobal MIPAN® nylon for added brilliance
  • · MIPAN® rexy for enhanced glistening effects
  • · MIPAN® fine & soft denier bright and dull yarn for contrasting relief
  • · prizma® cationic polyester for vibrant tones
  • · Silk for the luxury level market


  • · Featherweight circular knits in compact micro structures
  • · High luster warp knits
  • · Moldable function for bra cups incorporating creora® eco-soft
  • · Calendared and printed knits
  • · Push prints and textures – get kitsch and graphical– follow the fun mood
  • · Super soft power mesh
  • · Jacquard spacer fabrics for contrasting use of colors/textures combined with molding capabilities for bra cups
  • · High power knits for day shaping
  • · Optical surface effects achieved in jacquards using matte/dull yarn combinations
  • · Stretch and moldable micro fine lace in abstract relief
  • · Fancy soft stretch mesh and printed tulle
  • · Flocking and PU prints add textural and luster to surfaces


  • · Fun essential day basics – uplift the mood at varying degrees for all ages
  • · Day shaping – low and medium control wear
  • · Men's intimate apparel – give it a go a inject a hint of humor into this traditionally staid market
  • · Decorative lingerie sets – for day through to evening
  • · Seamless intimate apparel – make the most of the color and touch on offer
  • · An abundance of sleepwear from downright cheerful to sophisticated allure appeals