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Lightweight and embracing, creora® spandex/elastane delivers a touch of body and depth to circular and warp knits geared towards fitted silhouettes but also delivering the desired fabric for fit, flare and drape aspects that continues as a strong trend. The characteristic of the fabrics holds better malleability in the final garment form, allowing designers more opportunity in creating detailed silhouettes.

The embracing aspect of this direction also pushes the increased interest on the warp knit and woven front in delivering garments with built-in shaping, perfect for dresses and trousers for a smoothing and slimming finish dependent on the level of compression used. Compact surfaces feature with inspiration derived from traditional structures re worked as solid and printed fabrics work side by side, with varying levels of luster complimenting the look.

This isn't just destined for womenswear, there is a notable increased interest for the menswear sector with creora® spandex/elastane delivering comfort fit in wovens and streamlined silhouettes in the knit sector.


  • · creora® Power Fit for high power stretch and shaping in knits and wovens
  • · creora® Color+ enhances vibrant tones
  • · creora® eco-soft for comfort stretch


  • · Full dull MIPAN® soft nylon for cotton-like touch
  • · MIPAN® tri-lobal for intense sheen
  • · cotna® cotton touch polyester
  • · Natural fibers including cotton and wool feature in blends
  • · Viscose and cotton in blends
  • · Viscose/polyester blends for lightweight qualities
  • · Modal for knits with a small percent of creora® spandex/elastane to give body to the fabric


  • · Compact surfaces on the woven front with the inclusion of creora® Power Fit for built-in shaping
  • · Multi blends with natural/synthetic/ creora® spandex/elastane for lightweight fit and comfort
  • · Fluid circular knits - creora® spandex/elastane delivering body to lighter weight hands
  • · High power soft mesh for lining applications in woven shells
  • · Warp knits with a natural touch or a glossy aspect through the inclusion of tri-lobal nylon
  • · Stretch compact surface contrasting fabrics, knit/woven bonded together
  • · Surfaces for both knits and wovens are sleek and compact with varying degrees of luster
  • · Update basic wovens and knits with the added function of creora® for comfort fit and flare characteristics


  • · Shaping tailored pieces for the womenswear market – trousers and dresses
  • · Comfort stretch for outerwear fabrics for jackets
  • · Unisex comfort stretch in wovens – the menswear sector is growing
  • · Fit and flare separates in circular knits for smart/casual applications
  • · Comfort stretch for knit and woven shirt weights for streamlined silhouettes in the men and womenswear market