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A quirky retro mood with inspiration from early Technicolor movies, fabrics react through hue but also through movement as light fluidity features. There is a strong connection between a fashion delivery and the technical fibers on offer, classic muted prints that pull from the past but are reworked into delivering a heightened sense of femininity.

Matte aspects feature, smooth touch through to grainy appeal but the color palette is unique, a move away from traditional tones, muted in nuance and worked perfectly through the classic prints from 50s butterflies to micro florals This is a feminine trend, very much soft in delivery where movement features strongly through draping and flounces. Shaping continues to be an integral part of this direction, applied through the inclusion of creora® Power Fit in liners or incorporated into the outer shell.


  • · Chlorine resistant and high compression creora® Power Fit
  • · creora® eco-soft to team with natural and manmade fibers
  • ·

    creora® Black – not just for classic black tones but to achieve the muted tones when teamed with lighter colors for beachwear knits


  • · MIPAN® fine & soft for lightweight delivery in circular and warp knits
  • · cotna® cotton-touch polyester
  • · Modal for beachwear applications
  • ·

    Dull textured yarns for a vintage feel but with today's modern performance from the inclusion of creora® spandex/elastane

  • · Cotton – keep it crisp and feature with creora® spandex/elastane for beachwear
  • · MIPAN® soft air textured yarns for a vintage crepe touch


  • · Blistered knits for a true retro feel with a papery hand
  • · Seersucker effects
  • · Matte cotton touch circular knits
  • · Lightweight crisp warp knits – compact surfaces are perfect for printing
  • · Jacquards mimic vintage crochet from those original knitted swimsuits
  • · Digital and sublimation prints in muted tones
  • · Fancy elastic narrows
  • · Discharge prints
  • · Lightweight slub surfaces in knits that mimic a woven cotton
  • · Woven stretch cotton features in yarn dyed or printed qualities for a true vintage aspect


  • · Subtly playful for the younger end of the market
  • · A more sophisticated application for the shaping swimwear sector
  • · Men's fashion swimwear – fit and support for trunks is key
  • · Coordinated beachwear makes the most of the prints