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LAGOON  Direction File Download

Blues feature strongly in this direction in different hues but also a range of lucidity from semi bright to full on reflective. Natural in inspiration, the focus isn't just on blues but also pursues the unusual color accents and structures found around and below the lagoon. Organic textures feature, including the porous structure of coral, as do prints contrasting with the reflective elements of the water.

Sophisticated and bright, there is a strong element towards shaping swimwear, a glamorous offering that is more likely to be spending time lounging by the pool than entering it. Both warp knits and circular knits feature, the former for high compression and shaping while the latter delivers a fluid effect for rippled drape. This is also a perfect direction to pursue the interest in coordinated shaping beachwear, applying the prints and colorways to natural-based fiber constructions teamed with creora® eco-soft.


  • · creora® Power Fit – high powered spandex/elastane with chlorine resistance
  • · creora® eco-soft perfect for the more natural nuances of natural fibers and cotton-touch synthetics
  • · creora® Color+ for vibrant tones


  • · UV protection from the inclusion of MIPAN® aqua-X and askin® polyester
  • · cotna® cotton-touch polyester
  • · MIPAN® regen recycled nylon that appeals to the natural inspiration of this direction
  • · Cotton and modal for coordinating beachwear


  • · Reflective surfaces that mimic the high luster of the lagoon from yarn through to foil prints
  • · Moiré effects through yarn use through to being mimicked by prints
  • · Porous jacquards and textured yarn knits for a natural touch
  • · Fluid circular knits for drape elements
  • · High compression warp knits for engineered shaping compression
  • · Power based circular knits for liners
  • · 3D jacquards working contrasting high luster yarns with matte for definition
  • · Surface rippled effects feature in jacquards and prints
  • · Matte versus bright coordinated inserts within a swimwear garment
  • · Fluid circular knits drape over high compression shaping technical liners
  • · Shaping swimwear must be softer but still maintain a very high compression
  • · Modal and cotton team with creora® eco-soft for shaping beachwear


  • · High end glamorous swimwear for women
  • · Fashion swimwear
  • · Coordinating beachwear with fit and flare silhouettes