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Fantasy and optical illusion reigns, there is a need for a great color delivery and print direction for this grouping. Stop playing it safe and release a new energy and a sense of fun. Perfect for the fashion swimwear sector with a sense of shaping, as well as being a great option for the aqua fitness sector with core stability that needs stronger styling direction.

What you see isn't necessarily what you get as 3D prints feature through to jacquard effects and stripes in enlivening surfaces without having to do so through more expensive constructions. Medium and high compression features in both circular knits for liners and warp knits for outer shells. But it is the use of color and prints that really pushes this direction into a mirage mood as both sublimation and digital printing work side by side.


  • · creora® Power Fit – strong direction towards the added value of shaping swimwear with chlorine resistant
  • · creora® Highclo™ for super chlorine resistant
  • · creora® Color+ for intense vibrancy


  • · MIPAN® bright nylon for allover gleam
  • · MIPAN® rexy for glistening aspects
  • · Modal teamed with creora® spandex/elastane for beachwear
  • · UV protected askin® polyester teams with creora® spandex/elastane for beachwear
  • · High gloss and glistening nylon including MIPAN® including tri-lobal
  • · Calendared high gloss wet look finishes
  • · MIPAN® fine for soft touch, lightweight shaping liners


  • · Focus on iridescent prints and shocking tones to update classic basics
  • · Incorporate matte and bright for mix'n'match options with prints
  • ·

    Texture comes into play, raise surfaces through true and optical jacquard effects from lever yarn use – further enhance the look through overprinting

  • ·

    Wet look surfaces further enhance bold print statements – achieved through brilliant yarn use through to calendared finishes

  • · Fabrics are compact to carry the digital and sublimation prints
  • · Prints range from macro to micro, allover or placed large in scale for a visual stimulus
  • · Discharge prints
  • · Molded fabrics enable a clean seamless finish especially for prints
  • · Polyurethane prints enhance the base prints or create light catching relief when used on solids
  • · Soft touch power liners
  • · Take this up a notch on the styling front by incorporating laser cutting and clean cut finishes


  • ·

    Key to this direction is the increased interest in shaping beachwear – work the prints on offer into streamlined silhouettes

  • · Sporty styling for leisure aqua classes
  • ·

    Fashion swimwear with a difference for all age groups depending how strong or subtly you work the graphic inspiration

  • · Technical shaping for streamlined and perfect fit swimwear
  • · Men's swimwear – put a bit of spirit into this sector – shaping in trunks is a key seller