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As wellbeing and fitness continue to be an integral part of consumers' lives the need for high performance swimwear fabrics continues. With the sector awash with black and navy racer back suits, it is time for an injection of color and styling as we take on new lustrous looks. We aren't eliminating black completely, it is a bestseller, but it is important to update this ubiquitous look.

Core compression and lighter weight fabrics that propel the body and enhance performance feature with the inclusion of creora® highclo™ chlorine resistant spandex/elastane for longevity. Streamlined and micro compact in delivery, the fabrics in this direction are also light, quick dry but contain a strong element of fit and ease in propelling and reducing drag through the water. In updating this look, incorporate stretch chlorine resistant transfers, bright sublimation prints and digital print applications combined with chlorine resistant bright sewing thread for flat lock detail and topstitching.


  • · creora® highclo™ - super chlorine resistance for improved longevity
  • · New 55 & 70 denier creora® highclo™
  • ·

    creora® Power Fit for high compression structural pieces that embrace and support the body for active aqua sports


  • · Polypropylene – super light partner in engaging a drag free result in the water
  • · MIPAN® nylon fine denier
  • · askin® quick dry and UV protected polyester and opacity
  • · MIPAN® aqua-X for multi functional performance for triathlon including quick dry
  • · Hydrophobic finishes - water just runs off surfaces and aids performance
  • ·

    Hollow fiber synthetics for structure, lightweight and thermal attributes teamed with creora® highclo™ for super chlorine resistance

  • · Holographic and prismic sewing threads and stretch chlorine resistant heat transfer trims


  • · Circular knits with medium to high zoned compression and support for fitness swimwear
  • ·

    Core stability in high compression on circular and warp knits that supports the spine and speeds up performance in super lightweight qualities

  • ·

    Both high compression warp and circular knits feature, but also new for this group is woven fabrics, we are seeing an increase in lightweight technical stretch wovens especially for pro swim and triathlon

  • · Fabric surfaces are sleek and compact with the addition of hydro repellant finishes, quick dry and UV protection
  • ·

    Prints are placed – black continues to be key but this really has to be injected with a range of relief to update the look

  • · Paper touch bi-stretch micro wovens complete with hydrophobic finish for a water repellant offering
  • ·

    Fabrics must be light, compact in structure and packed full of performance features from enhanced performance in the water in accelerating the swim strokes and glide through to quick dry

  • · Chlorine resistant bright sewing threads for added detail
  • · Silicone prints and logos


  • · Pro and semi pro competitive swimming
  • · Triathlon
  • · Leisure lane swimming
  • · Aqua aerobics and water-based high impact sports