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An electric approach to activewear, pushing this sector up a notch in colors through to performance. There is a new dynamic that come into play with bright and energetic prints and colorways colliding. This direction pulls from the pro sector of the past and is reworked with strong fashion functionality. Lightweight with the fit from creora® spandex/elastane, CHARGED is an exciting and vibrating direction for garments that cannot be ignored.

Luster also enhances the look with bright to super bright, from yarn content through to lacquered finishes, in getting the charged message across. This is an optimistic direction, one you can’t avoid. It has to have space to grow and develop and the complete concept of this direction is further enhanced by digital prints for hyper realistic effects. This isn’t just about pushing the workout zone it is also about pushing boundaries, not playing by the rules but still achieving the desired success.


  • · creora® Color+-dyeable spandex/elastane for bright colors with compression
  • · creora® Power Fit- high power spandex/elastane
  • · creora® Black –black spandex/elastane for intense blacks and innovative color mixes


  • · MIPAN® aqua-X for cool touch and moisture management in lightweight qualities
  • · askin® cool touch polyester with UV protection and opacity on featherweights
  • · MIPAN® aerocool-n moisture management with a cool and fresh finish
  • · aerocool® prizma polyester for deep and vivid colors
  • · aerowarm® for lightweight thermal aspects
  • · Fluorescent and phosphorescent yarns
  • · Brilliant gloss aspects through to phosphorescent prints


  • · Featherweight circular knits with high power
  • · Compression mesh for inserts in tops and bottoms
  • · Tri lobal finishes in high power warp knit
  • · Silky touch polyester with enhanced sheen
  • · Sublimation and digital prints with a new twist
  • · Core compression warp knits for bottoms
  • · Engineered compression in anatomical styling
  • · PU solid printing on printed bases for dual effect
  • · New generation gloss features with bright tri-lobal yarns through to stretch coatings
  • · Bright and brilliant yarns contrast with solid and compact dull bases for contrast
  • · Thermoregulation features in base layers
  • · Snug and brushed outer shells create perfect protection from fleece to French terry with comfort stretch


  • · Core stability gym
  • · Zumba and aerobic wear
  • · Climbing and outdoor sports
  • · Skiwear/snowboarding base layers
  • · Athleisure