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The interaction of the body and the garment fuels this direction, from base layers to second and outer layers. As well as high compression and anatomical support, we are also looking at the movement of the body in igniting the function in the fabrics. Energizing aspects through to thermal regulation are combined with creora® to enhance recovery and keep the wearer safe and protected. A delustered protective shell-like look features, contrasting with the brighter surfaces.

Cut-and-sew features in anatomical zoning through to seamless applications, this is die-hard with a difference. The perfect surfaces allow for a new direction in optically appealing tone-on-tone prints, while the perfectly geometrical textures correspond with the body in enhancing performance. This is a new direction, particularly appealing in updating the menswear sector. Detail is key in injecting new life into core bases that have inherent function but will now definitely stand out from the crowd.


  • · creora® Power Fit- for zoned compression and anatomical fit
  • · creora® Black- black spandex/elastane for blacker black fabrics
  • · creora® highclo™- super chlorine resistant spandex/elastane for training


  • · MIPAN® robic for high tenacity wovens
  • · MIPAN® aqua-X mélange for cool touch high level performance
  • · MIPAN® FIT nylon and aerogear® polyester– far infrared yarns for enhanced performance, energy and recovery
  • · Fully dull nylon yarns for delustered effect
  • · Iridescent and reflective prints and trim for added safety and detail


  • ·

    High compression warp knits - lighter and compact in construction with multi function and the benefit of fit and support from creora® spandex/elastane

  • ·

    Lightweight circular knits with invisible touch and freedom of movement from the inclusion of creora® spandex/elastane

  • · High tenacity warp knit and woven lightweight qualities for the most enduring of activities
  • ·

    Fabric surface are compact and embracing, shell like in their protectiveness of the wearer but they must be lightweight and comfortable

  • ·

    Dull and delustered surfaces can be enhanced through innovative reflective trims and prints in offering added style and an element of safety

  • ·

    Geometrical mesh in true or faux structure – add in high performance synthetic yarns with creora® - perfect for zoned detail that requires added function

  • · Micro light fleece with comfort stretch – lighter before with the inclusion of aerowarm®
  • ·

    Bond contrasting fabrics for optical detail on the face, layer openwork mesh and jacquards over solid bases or bond contrasting qualities for double sided flexibility

  • · Brushed technical side adds softness to this rugged activewear sector
  • · Bond woven and knits for contrasting function
  • ·

    Optical prints for a hyper realistic effect work perfectly on compact base fabrics – play with graphics in tricking the eye

  • · Consider comfort fit outer shells with the added performance of stretch membranes in plain or printed finishes


  • · Triathlon
  • · Cross training
  • · Extreme sports
  • · Base layers for ski/snowboarding
  • · Running
  • · Road cycling
  • · Urban activewear