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A smooth and polished appearance features in denim as compact structures come through. From powdery and perfect to lucid and light, it is the stretch component delivered from creora® spandex that enhances this direction. Classic indigo blues feature but so does the opportunity to incorporate color, touch is spongey through to papery in creating a new dimension for denim.

Denim construction is micro tight but must deliver the malleability of stretch and a super soft touch, even though the denim looks sharp. This direction is perfect for enhancing surfaces through sublimation and digital prints in injecting a newness to the market. Coatings and finishes also take it up to a new level. The message is clear, this is next generation denim that stands out from the crowd but maintains the feel-good factor that the consumer loves.


  • · creora® Power Fit - for enhanced fit and shaping in comfort stretch and super stretch
  • · creora® Black - black spandex for intense and perfect dark tones


  • · Conventional cotton
  • · Long staple cotton for enhanced luxury touch
  • · Mercerized cotton for added shine
  • · Merino wool and cashmere in hybrid blends for fall/winter luxury
  • · Viscose
  • · Lyocell and modal for enhanced lucidity and soft touch
  • · Bright high luster polyester in multi blends for added sheen


  • · Bi stretch denim in a polished finish - lightweight denim that embraces the body
  • · Mono stretch denim for comfort stretch
  • · Paper touch yarns from the inclusion of full dull synthetics in multi blends
  • · Denim jersey structures with the inclusion of viscose for fit and flare with a spongey touch
  • · Lightweight stretch chambrays at 5oz for non-denim applications
  • · Surfaces range from the perfection of an alabaster finish to the luminosity of high gloss finishes
  • ·

    Keep distressed finishing to a minimum and focus of innovative prints from tone-on-tone to contrasting colors in sublimation through to digital print applications for a high optical impact

  • · Satin constructions
  • · All over or placement lacquered and resin finishings
  • · Metallic coatings - look to platinum for a sharp and shiny look
  • ·

    Work bright synthetics in the filler to subtly shine through on the face, enhancing in particular very rich and dark tones


  • ·

    Non jeanswear applications for men and women - move out of the classic five pocket and work into ready-to-wear applications

  • · Smart casual jeanswear for men and women
  • · New look shaping denim for women
  • · Streamlined jackets and blazers for men and women
  • · Fit and flare fluid silhouettes - voluminous shapes need creora® to deliver body