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A textured and raw appeal features, as detail emerges from the denim surface through raised slub yarns and innovative distressed effects. In this direction we look to the true raw appeal of denim with undyed cotton playing a major role on the face of denim in giving a distressed and beaten look when teamed with yarn dyed cotton. There is a strong eco emphasis, the mood is very natural and organic, and while texture features, touch must be super soft.

Comfort stretch is essential as a workwear ethos features in the final garment design applications. The denim offered here is vintage, beaten and really worn for an authentic original look. For the mainstream indigo features in a variety of tones, but for the premium market it is time to get creative and rework classic slub structures and uneven surface effects.


  • · creora® eco-soft - low heat settable spandex-elastane fits the organic and eco aspect of this directions
  • · creora® Black - black spandex/elastane for innovative effect especially on rips and tears, exposing a darker side
  • · creora® highclo™ - super chlorine resistant spandex/elastane withstanding high impact finishing


  • · Cotton - organic, recycled, conventional but raw in appeal
  • · The true characteristic of flaxen linen brings added texture
  • · Wool for winter deliver in multi blends with creora® spandex/elastane
  • · regen™ recycled polyester for hybrid blends and a strong sustainable impact


  • · Nep and slub cotton yarns for textural effects
  • · Over twisted yarns for crepe-like surface effects
  • ·

    Placing more attention on the technical side of denim with the filler yarns and using denim in reverse at the garment production stage is something new to deliver to the market

  • · Ozone and laser finishing in eliminating water usage
  • · Hopsack structures - loose constructions
  • · Raised canvas structures
  • · Ring spun denim
  • · Broken twill structures
  • · Exaggerated relief
  • · Raised structures look authentic but are much lighter in delivery due to innovative spinning techniques
  • · Transfer prints eliminate water and add detail when used on uneven surfaces
  • · Distressed finishing
  • · Stained effects on raw cotton bases
  • · Rusty metallic finishes for an industrial workwear look
  • · Ombre effects for dual tone appeal


  • · Women´s fashion denim with comfort fit through to shaping
  • · Men´s fashion denim with comfort stretch through to power stretch for skinny silhouettes