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Compact constructions feature in comfort stretch to super stretch for skinny silhouettes and sculpting denim, with surfaces micro fine in construction. Textures vary from smooth through to velvet touch through the use of high twist yarns and brushed surfaces. There is a classic appeal to this direction in color, as deep indigo through to black feature but it doesn´t mean these sylphlike and super comfortable denim weaves can not transcend into a new direction of tones, especially taking on a chalky palette in injecting new life into a traditional sector.

Lighter in weight but still maintaining a strong looking characteristic, it is the inclusion of creora® spandex-elastane that guarantees a perfect and body enhancing fit. Work denim in this direction classically or, due to the perfection and clean appeal of the structures finish with innovative coatings in placement or all over processes.


  • · creora® Power Fit – high power spandex/elastane for the ultimate in power stretch
  • · creora® eco-soft - low heat settable spandex/elastane for warp stretch benefits
  • · creora® Black - black spandex-elastane for black and deep tones


  • · Cotton - BCI, conventional, recycled and organic
  • · Long staple cotton for inherent shine and enhanced softness
  • · Polyester for enhanced luster and lighter weights
  • · MIPAN® FIT - FIR yarns for wellbeing in super skinny and sculpting denim
  • · Wool for fall/winter delivery in multiblends
  • · High twist linen for spring/summer multiblends - a smooth and dry hand
  • · Lyocell for lightening the weight and enhancing the touch but not losing the true character of the denim


  • · Refining the classic combination of cotton/creora® through the use of high twist yarns & covered yarns
  • · Textured polyester brings a subtle texture to the compact surfaces and lightens the weight
  • ·

    Working with creora® Power Fit, high power features, perfect for the growing sculpting and shaping denim, not just for skinny silhouettes but for regular too

  • ·

    Super stretch through the inclusion of creora® spandex/elastane and innovative construction can now achieve 90 per cent stretch

  • · Mono and bi stretch denim structures
  • · Classic twill and satin weaves
  • · Brushed finishing for added luxury touch
  • ·

    Hosiery-inspired denim - innovative yarn use combined with weaving creates super stretch, super soft touch denim that embraces the legs

  • · Multi blends deliver a newness to traditional cotton/spandex constructions
  • · Stretch selvedge denim for authentic looks
  • · Laminated transparent coatings add luster
  • · Matt ceramic coating generate an understated finish with a powdery through to tacky hand
  • · Lacquered looks and resin coatings


  • · Women´s shaping denim through to high sculpting denim inspired from the shapewear sector
  • · Men and women´s comfort stretch denim
  • ·

    Super stretch denim continues to be strong for both the men and women´s market, especially delivered in classic and perfect denim structures

  • · Smart denim - denim that will take you from the office to the dining table