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LABYRINTH  Direction File Download

A combination of modern art through to unique openwork structures and prints feature. Inspiration pulls from the abstract work of Mondrian through to Pop Art aspects. This is bold and bright, for both hosiery and socks, with semi matte and matte featuring. Print placement is allover or irregular panel effects, with the appeal ranging from fun fashion to a more sophisticated delivery.

This direction is all about color, lets get the color vibe moving and inject a renewed energy into the legwear offering through solid, printed and jacquard finishes. The ongoing trend towards skirts and dresses combined with boots ensures that legwear from this direction is seen.


  • · creora® Black – black spandex/elastane essential for intense black tones in this sector
  • · creora® Soft Fit - high elongation spandex/elastane delivers a more comfortable fit


  • · MIPAN® fine and MIPAN® supermicro for fine denier applications
  • · MIPAN® full dull nylon yarn for smooth and opaque finishes
  • · Textured MIPAN® yarns for jacquard raised relief on fine denier and transparent bases
  • · Cotton and wool for sock applications


  • ·

    For true openwork net hosiery include built in smooth shorts for a clean finish and start the openwork from the thigh level

  • ·

    Contrast deniers with sheer bases and higher denier for jacquard effects in creating the mazelike pattern with a really smooth finish as opposed to classic open fishnet structures

  • · Reinforced toes and heels add longevity to open work structures as does knitted in solid briefs and boxer shorts
  • · Contrast matte bases with high shine relief for added detail
  • · Printed maze-like graphics on transparent hosiery bases offer an optical openwork appeal
  • · Micro to macro openwork structures
  • · Fancy footless tights with deep ankle bands
  • · Knee highs also feature with solid soft compression tops and reinforced toes for added comfort
  • ·

    Socks can also take up the more geometrical relief inspiration in contrasting colored yarns or tone-ontone for men and women


  • · Classic openwork detail for fashionable day offering
  • · Sensual and overtly decorative details for special occasions
  • · Dressy sock applications for men and women