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A need to update and innovate the shapewear sector is delivered in Divine Lines as fashion and function continue to collude. On the functional side it is the essential ingredient of the power that creora® spandex/elastane can deliver to garments combined with the active ingredients of high performance synthetics that enhance the wearability from cool touch to moisture management in delivering 24/7 comfort. A key factor to the shapewear sector is that high compression fabrics are getting much lighter but still delivering the precise power stretch in shaping, evident through the featherweight circular knits through with high power through to lighter warp knits.

From the fashion front, surfaces reflect and gleam amongst the more matte offerings and color also competes in a move away from traditional flesh tones. Surfaces vary from compact ultra matte through to a modern gleam for contrast within shaping garments. The importance of additional functional aspects from the activewear market is key. We are looking for extreme comfort but also the divine delivery that shapewear can bring to the consumer in smoothing, enhancing and flattening. This is a move away from traditional shapewear, it is evolving into lighter weight garments with a stronger sense of style.


  • · creora® Power Fit – perfect for high power delivery
  • · creora® Black – black spandex/elastane essential for intense black tones
  • · creora® Color+ - dyeable spandex/elastane updates low to medium control shapewear in more vibrant tones


  • · MIPAN® aqua-X for cool touch finish
  • · MIPAN® tri-lobal for high luster
  • · MIPAN® Rexy for new generation shine
  • · MIPAN® FIT for enhanced circulation and a sense of wellbeing
  • · askin® for high powered circular knits delivering cool touch and opacity in the lightest of weights
  • · Cotton/nylon/ creora® for natural touch shaping


  • · Compact warp knits with clean cut ability – anti curl and anti marking
  • · High power mesh – soft touch and lightweight but with power stretch
  • · Contrast matte/bright yarns for effect in warp knits
  • · Cool touch fabrics
  • · Wellbeing – FIR fabrics increasing circulation and energizing the wearer
  • · Soft touch ultra high compression knits in finer denier yarns
  • · Multi blended – nylon/cotton/ creora® in warp knits for a natural touch
  • · Jacquard power stretch – latticed detailing adds a sense of femininity to power fabrics and a sharper edge
  • · Compact surfaces take on a perfect polished look
  • · Clean cut equates to bonded seams and flatlock finishing for a smoother finish
  • · Jacquard power fabrics for inserts – use geometricmotif for a sharper look on the design front
  • · Coordinated elastic narrows for stretch
  • ·

    Increased interest in seamless garment with integrated high power shaping and the addition of decorative aspects through contrasting lustrous yarns


  • · Updating classic shapewear – through color and fabric construction
  • · New, modern lighter shapewear for women with a strong performance approach
  • · Seamless shapewear
  • · Men’s shaping is still in its early stages, but it does have appeal