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A coexistence between natural fibers and synthetics feature, complimenting each other’s strengths as textile manufacturers look to new potential and more importantly discerning developments. The adage is true, opposites do attract, as the textile sector explores the possibility of getting the best out of both sectors in delivering next generation fabrics. With hybrid the buzzword of the era, it is only natural that textiles continue to follow suit and we can expect to say more multi-blends than previously.

A strong eco nuance inspires this direction, not just focused on nature but incorporating the recycled synthetics available, with the final fibers complimented by creora® eco-soft, low heat settable spandex/elastane. While sustainable processes continue to grow across the industry, it is one of the stronger points in this direction as a natural edge dominates but with the help of its synthetic and manmade counterparts. This is the meeting of minds, pooling the value that all the sources deliver independently and creating next generation fabrics that will appeal to the consumer


  • · creora® eco-soft – low heat settable spandex/elastane
  • · creora® Power Fit – high power spandex/elastane for the ultimate in power stretch
  • · creora® Black – for intense dark tones
  • · creora® easy-scour for the ultimate in featherweight knits


  • · Recycled cotton, BCI and organic cotton feature
  • · Merino wool is a must especially when teamed with synthetics
  • · MIPAN® regen recycled nylon and regen™ recycled polyester
  • · cotna® - cotton touch polyester
  • · Linen
  • · Vegetal dyes and organic color fixers and eco friendly agents
  • ·

    Lyocell, modal and viscose all appeal on the sustainability front, enhanced with the inclusion of synthetics and the performance creora® spandex/elastane delivers


  • · Crisp wovens – much lighter in weight than previous with comfort stretch through to power stretch
  • · Featherweight knits take on a fluid appeal
  • ·

    Hybrid blends are essential in the knit and woven sector – encouraging the core appeal of each fiber to compliment and deliver fabrics that are a lot lighter

  • · Prints vary but pull from an organic inspiration – overlay floral relief through to textural inspiration
  • ·

    Consider digital printing – work classic oversized woven structures including herringbone and basket weaves onto power stretch jerseys

  • · Texture features in knits and wovens as raised jumbo to needle rib effects come through
  • ·

    Most important is the marriage of natural fibers with synthetics bringing added strength and function in creating much lighter weight fabrics

  • · Eco friendly finishes for DWR and stain resistant


  • · Casual men’s and women’s daywear in wovens and knits
  • · More formal applications
  • · Urban streetwear and cycling city wear
  • · Increased growth in menswear separates with comfort stretch