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Full on glamour enters the swimwear sector, incorporating a variety of level of luster from compact and semi gloss through to full on shine. Solids as opposed to prints feature here, so classic black is still a seller for the mainstream market, but updated through gloss and pearlized effects and new opalescent finishes. New bold colorways can also be included as well as metallic tones as it is the construction of the fabric teamed with the lustrous finish that appeal. The inspiration ranges from the high glam stakes of the Seventies to a more sophisticated and modern stylized approach. This is very much about being opulent and indulgent, taking swimwear styles to new levels.

Fabric construction is very clean and compact ranging from circular knits for clever drape detail through to high power warp knits for shaping. The swimwear shaping component is key to this sector, either applied on the outer shell or through engineered linings. And don’t forget, the addition of ‘bling bling’ and metallic hardware and trims in completing on the look in the high glam swimwear stakes.


  • · creora® highclo™ - essential chlorine resistant spandex/elastane in eliminating degradation from chlorine
  • · creora® Power Fit – this is shaping at its best in power liners or through the outer shell
  • · creora® Black - black spandex/elastane for bestselling black and benefits deeper tones


  • · MIPAN® tri lobal nylon for intense surface lucidity
  • · MIPAN® Rexy for dazzling shine and luster
  • · PU transparent coatings and tone-ontone print effects for lifting base fabric to a new level of shine
  • · Chlorine resistant metallic embroidery threads for added stitch detail
  • · Metalloplastic yarns for permanent precious-look gleam


  • · High power warp knits with a clean and perfect surface finish with glossy aspects
  • · High compression shaping/sculpting warp knits - much lighter and softer but still retaining the essential power
  • · Wet look calendared finishes competes with the lucidity of tri lobals
  • · High gloss super soft circular knits for draping diva-style glamour over engineered liners
  • · New opalescent and pearlized coatings
  • · High powered and silky touch compression mesh for shaping interiors
  • · Raising the levels of the gloss bases through applying PU transparent and metallic prints for light catching effects
  • ·

    Lacquered looks in metallic or transparent finishing for a bright/super bright contrast in allover applications or through print effects

  • ·

    Clean cut warp knits allow for laser cutting and bonding on to contrasting solid tones for added detail in the final garment

  • ·

    Solids feature but work with varying degrees of luster and color combinations including tipping in the final swimsuit and bikini

  • · Pull from bestselling styles in the intimate apparel shapewear market in delivering perfect body forms
  • · Consider monochrome formations in delivering a truly sharp look on the design front
  • · Classic stripe effects feature in prints and yarn dyed options
  • · Consider printed sequin and crystal effects for a smoother finish


  • · High glamour in cutting edge styles for women’s fashion swimwear for all ages
  • · Poolside swimwear – the ultimate in glam with a strong shaping and sculpting element
  • · Excellent option for offering a more sophisticated application for the shaping swimwear sector