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Into the intense workout arena, there is no stopping this direction in pushing forward the premium elements of activewear. It is tough, robust and protective with comfort and lighter weight qualities featuring for the first time. creora® Power Fit leads the way as compression fabrics embrace the muscular structure of the body in generating hardcore fabrics that will withstand the physical elements and aid the wearer in beating the most severe obstacles and enduring the most extreme of sports. It is time to OWN IT!

Through the interaction of the body and the multi functional fabrics on offer, this direction is certain to meet the demands of adrenalin junkies in reaching their goals. It is tough and resistant, not just in structure but also in color palette. Keep tones deep, contrasting with sharp tones. Warp knits feature for their ability for clean cut finishes, eliminating uncomfortable seams, with heat bonding replacing traditional cut and sew. With a dark side featuring, optical and textural detail features through laminated prints, innovative structures and punch out effects.


  • · creora® Power Fit - for varying degrees of compression from power to super fit
  • · creora® highclo™ - chlorine resistant spandex/elastane
  • · creora® Black - black spandex/elastane for intense tones


  • · MIPAN® robic for high tenacity in new woven qualities
  • · MIPAN® aqua-X for moisture management and cool touch
  • · aeroheat® - heat generating polyester
  • · Full dull and bright MIPAN® nylon for contrast
  • · Reflective yarns for safety
  • · aerowarm® and aerocool® for thermal regulation


  • · High powered warp knits with clean cut
  • · Four-way stretch for extra flexibility and movement in high compression knits
  • · Soft touch in extreme power mesh
  • · Both circular and warp knits go much lighter in weight but still maintain the original power
  • · Drop stitch effects for a rugged look
  • ·

    High performance featherweight circular knits for barely-there base layers - thermal function for winter and cooling for summer

  • · Laser cut punch-out structures for a clean finish and ventilation when used as inserts
  • · Glossy or reflective stretch laminates and coatings - solid or decorative for outer layers
  • · Consider optically textured jacquard with robust inspired graphics
  • · Geometric mesh effects in micro pique structures and chevron designs
  • · Bond micro and macro openwork mesh onto contrasting colored solid bases
  • · Stretch woven outer shells with a matte papery touch with stretch functional membrane for protection
  • · Micro light stretch fleece for second layers


  • · Cross training & warrior workouts
  • · Triathlon
  • · Road cycling
  • · Extreme sports - ice climbing, mountaineering
  • · Ski/snowboarding base layer
  • · Marathon and long distance running