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From super skinny to subtle contouring and shaping creora® Fit² is the perfect partner for achieving the 360º stretch and flexibility everyone is looking for. creora® Fit², is a new spandex/elastane fabric technology that delivers 4-way stretch denim with higher stretch, eliminating the typical warp shrinkage and instability that previous 4-way stretch technology contained.

The appeal of creora® Fit² in delivering next generation stretch also sees new developments emerging that possess the flexibility and super stretch with excellent recovery combined with new light weights in denim for added comfort. Expect to see bi-stretch denim fabrics reduce in weight, predominantly compact in surface from authentic indigo through to a brighter surface effect, but purposefully embracing to give the designated target market the true performance they are looking for. creora® Fit² can be applied to all of the creora® denim directions, but in SLEEK & SLICK the focus is on perfection, not just in structure but in fit too!


  • · creora® Power Fit² - 4 way stretch denim fabric with creora® eco-soft in warp and creora® in fill direction


  • · BCI cotton
  • · Long staple cotton for enhanced premium touch
  • · Merino wool and cashmere in hybrid blends for fall delivery
  • · Polyester/cotton/creora® Fit² for super light denims with excellent stretch and recovery
  • · Black polyester for market tone and subtle shimmer
  • ·

    The touch of denim is no longer confined to the construction and finish of denim fabric but starts from the innovative spun fibers from the start of the process


  • · 360º stretch woven denim in compact surfaces and lightweight hands
  • · Mimicry - woven denim with creora® Fit² looks and feels like knits with enhanced comfort and stretch
  • ·

    Traditional lighter 2x1 weave features, but through hybrid blends 3x1 weaves get lighter coming in under 10.5 ounces

  • · Sateen super stretch denim with a lustrous appearance
  • · Black and deep indigo feature but also look to adventurers color ways for a new direction
  • · Matte or bright compact chambray with silhouetting function
  • · Lightweight dobby weave denim
  • · For the Sleek & Slick direction perfection is key from fit through creora® Fit² to smooth surfaces and clean finishes


  • · Super skinny jeans
  • · Sculpting and high powered shaping jeans
  • · Soft contouring jeans with higher flexibility