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A blast of energy hits the denim scene, as an electrified reaction creates an innovative look. From star studded brilliance and luminosity to bright toned and light matte applications, a visual array of surface effects charges up the market. Denim takes on a compact and smooth appeal with contouring power stretch through to comfort stretch from creora® spandex/elastane, allowing for the interplay of luster and brilliance to compliment the density of matte tones. From deep black and indigo tones, with a shimmer effect to the artificial approach of bleached cotton, there is a techno appeal to this direction.

The brilliance is derived from the yarn content through to the finish. The frisson of this artificial look doesn’t just appeal to the brighter side of denim, but also to the intensity of natural fibers as a surreal luminosity appears. Phosphorescent fibers and finishes escalate the look, setting off the super brilliance with the matte intense tones. The interplay of light, both natural and synthetic, hitting the surface creates an exciting direction for denim to take on board.


  • · creora® Black - black spandex/elastane for intense dark tones
  • · creora® Power Fit - high power spandex/elastane for sensual shaping
  • · creora® Fit² - for 4-way stretch & 360º flexibility


  • · BCI cotton
  • · Mercerized cotton with a natural sheen
  • · Lyocell for inherent natural-touch and subtle shimmer
  • · MIPAN® bright tri-lobal yarns
  • · Bright and luminous polyester in hybrid blends with cotton and creora® spandex/elastane
  • · Phosphorescent yarns and finishes for added luminosity


  • · Compact mono and bi stretch denim - super lightweight due to hybrid blends
  • · Coated denim – bring a new gleam to surfaces
  • · Use polyester in the filler yarn for a subtle shimmer coming through on the face
  • ·

    Update the intensity of bleached cotton in the filler and warp yarn for an artificial white in comfort and power stretch denim

  • · 2x1 denim construction – compact, soft and lightweight
  • · Sateen stretch denim – perfect surfaces with patina finish
  • · Prints bring a 3D surface effect to perfect surfaces, further enhance with a coating
  • · Intense dark tones are enhanced with the inclusion of creora® Black spandex/elastane
  • · Player with the structures – reverse denims in the final garment or offer reversibility - luminous vs. intense matte
  • · Distressed finishing is kept to a minimum
  • · Detail is applied to the surface through laser finishing
  • ·

    Optical appealing both perfect and altered surfaces feature through clever construction and yarn use through to innovative PU coatings


  • · Non jeans wear applications – denim continues to cross into ready-to-wear and athleisure
  • · Comfort stretch increases in the menswear market
  • · Fashion denim for the womenswear market
  • · Next generation shaping and sculpting denim fabric for all sectors of the women’s market