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A decorative approach to legwear features with a renewed energy and pizazz. Prints push through in abstract and geometric relief in creating lively surface effects in multi colored, bi colored on toneon- tone. For Spring/Summer introduce a cotton touch, through the inclusion of either cotton in blends or from textured synthetic yarns that create a cotton-like feel and for Fall/Winter look to thermal applications.

The denier ranges from 50 - 80 in matte and opaque on the footless front as hosiery continues to adopt a leggings look. Prints are all part of this direction, offering added detail and a perfect option for consumers to update existing ready-to-wear. For fancier fashion tights with a fishnet feel look to incorporating the relief inspiration into the structure or through jacquard effects.


  • · creora® Power Fit - high power spandex/elastane for enhanced shaping
  • · creora® Black - black spandex/ elastane essential for intense black tones in this sector
  • · creora® Soft Fit - high elongation spandex/elastane delivers a more comfortable fit


  • · Cotton and long staple pima cotton
  • · Wool and silk for a luxury level
  • · MIPAN® fine and MIPAN® supermicro for fine denier applications
  • · MIPAN® full dull nylon yarn for smooth and opaque finishes
  • · Air textured MIPAN® nylon for a cotton touch
  • · aerowarm® hollow polyester team with wool for a winter warmers with lightweight aspects


  • · Ideal hosiery structures are perfect for jazzy prints
  • · Printed knee highs with soft compression tops eliminating red marks
  • · 50-80 denier for prints replace traditional leggings
  • · Sheer and transparent bases are decorated through print or through structure using contrasting yarns
  • · 40 denier opaque tights for a daytime delivery of added detail
  • · Funky jacquards for socks – work it up or keep it subtle
  • · Incorporate a reinforced boot high foot for longevity in fine denier tights for winter delivery


  • · Perfect day hosiery in vibrant tones
  • · Footless hosiery in high denier for spring/summer delivery
  • · Men's and women’s socks – keep it subtle or work it funky