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Active intimate apparel is a growth market as the interest in personal fitness continues in force. Key to this direction is the comfort, fit and support that can be achieved in varying levels dependent on the final application. For women, the importance of the support and function a sports bra delivers is crucial in its validity of performance from light to high level. With an abundance of sports and fitness pursuits available, the range of active intimates is immense, however there is one connecting factor: the performance it delivers in shape and support from creora® spandex/elastane and the inclusion of added functional ingredients.

From moisture management to cool touch, UV protection and thermal regulation, fabric structures also feature. Punch out, mock mesh, true mesh and modern pique all work alongside lightweight circular knits and power stretch warp knits. With the levels of function ranging from yoga to pro athlete, the fabrics range from soft natural-touch through to high powered performance in a synthetic offering. Looking to this direction, the fabrics through to the garment design are protective in both function and style, enhancing the fitness experience.


  • · creora® Power Fit - the essential high power spandex/ elastane for great fit and core compression
  • · creora® Color+ - dyeable spandex for vibrant tones
  • · creora® eco-soft - low heat settable spandex/elastane perfect for cotton,wool and modal


  • ·

    Cotton and modal for a natural approach - blend with creora® spandex/elastane or multi-blends with performance synthetics

  • · cotna® cotton touch polyester
  • · askin® cool touch, quick drying and UV protection plus opacity for high power circular knits
  • · aerocool® prizma polyester for deep and vibrant tones
  • · aerowarm® lightweight polyester adds warmth to wool blends for Fall delivery
  • · MIPAN® aqua-X for cool touch and moisture management
  • · MIPAN® FIT - wellbeing FIR Yarn
  • · MIPAN® aqua-X melange for cool touch and surface effect
  • · Freshgear®- odor neutralizing polyester
  • · Polypropylene


  • · Clean cut bi-stretch warp knits for 360º flexibility
  • · Power stretch circular knits for core compression for briefs and shorts
  • · Compression pulls from the shapewear sector for women
  • · Abstract and geometric prints and constructions
  • · Irregular openwork
  • · Compact warp knits for laser cut and punch out details
  • · Sharp abstract and digital inspired prints
  • · Spacer fabrics with molding capacity
  • · Spongey neoprene mesh
  • · Power mesh - solid or printed
  • · Textured yarns for a brushed effect against the skin
  • · Layering transparent and opaque fabrics for contrast
  • · Punch out inspires mesh new mesh structures
  • · Sublimation prints
  • · Digital prints
  • ·

    Reverse raised jacquards in geometric fabrics - the raised relief on the technical side of the skin for massaging effects


  • · Sports bras in light level support to high performance for cardio work outs
  • · Seamless active intimates
  • · Pro level high function for men and women with core compression
  • · Thermal skins for winter sports intimates
  • · Powerful performance for men