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Shapewear enters into a new league as we push fabrics in this sector to a new level. The basis of creora® Power Fit is crucial in attaining the correct compression, but today’s shapewear has to have more than the core performance of fit. Decorative styling continues to gain ground, moving from the feminine aspect of the past to a more optical and abstract application. In order for the shaping garment to maintain its key feature of shaping and smoothing, the detail is achieved through different yarn use and constructions that are optically flat and don’t alter the structure. Matte yarns contrast with bright tri-lobal yarns, within a fabric or through insertion at the garment stage.

Additional added value comes through the inclusion of performance yarns ranging from cosmetic aspects to cooling as perfect add ons for this next-to-skin application. Traditionally led by synthetics, there is an increasing interest in cellulosic based shapewear enhanced by the performance of creora® eco-soft, low heat settable spandex.

Color also plays a key role in producing shapewear, that continues on its lightweight course. Mysterious in palette, traditional blacks move to the blue color spectrum with grays also coming through. Feminine pink tones also feature, but the demand for black and skin tones remains unstoppable. High compression shaping gets incredibly soft, easy to put on, due to the innovative synthetic yarns used. Today’s shape wear fabrics need to glide on and off the body with ease, yet maintain their true origin of delivering a streamlined silhouette.


  • · creora® Power Fit - the essential high power spandex/ elastane for extreme shaping with comfort
  • · creora® Blackr - black spandex/ elastane for intense black tones
  • · creora® eco-soft - a perfect partner for the increased interest in cellulosic fibers for shaping


  • · MIPAN® aqua-X nylon for moisture management and cool touch
  • · MIPAN® tri-lobal for bright surfaces
  • · MIPAN® full dull for an intense delivery
  • · MIPAN® soft for a smooth and sensual touch
  • · MIPAN® FIT - FIR for a sense of wellbeing through increased circulation
  • · cotna® cotton touch polyester for circular knits
  • · askin® polyester for fine circular knits delivering cool touch and opacity
  • · Modal and fine count pima cotton for a natural delivery


  • · Micro light warp and circular knit qualities with impressive power
  • · Compact warp knits with clean cut finish
  • · Cool touch fabrics for all day comfort
  • · Soft touch power mesh for liners or visible inserts
  • · Body mapping various power levels within a garment for extreme comfort and precise performance
  • · Strategically positioned silicone prints on power knits adds enhances the power
  • · Multi blends - cellulosic/synthetic/spandex hybrid blends for a natural appearance
  • · Cotton and modal team with creora® eco-soft for a natural shaping experience
  • · Abstract jacquards - matte/bright yarn combinations
  • · Add FIR yarns for wellbeing
  • · Precision power in different degrees within seamless shaping
  • · Optically illusive surfaces for a 3D effect and decorative detail
  • · Power lace moves from a floral delivery to new abstract and geometric relief
  • · Bright molten metal power knit satins
  • · Iridescent yarns enhance featherweight circular kits for a subtle gleam and silky touch


  • · Traditional shapewear gets updated with lighter, brighter and more comfortable qualities
  • ·

    A new take on next generation shaper wear that has the power and performance combined with functionality including cool touch and moisture management

  • · Seamless shapewear with body mapping performance
  • · Shaping liners cross over to the fashion sector for medium support in panties